It is undeniable that digital marketing has come a long way since its establishment back in the 1990s. Today, it has become a potent tool for companies and businesses looking to expand their reach and attract new customers.

It is scarce to see a brand that doesn’t partner with a full-service digital agency to strategize for its campaigns nowadays. As more people are starting to rely on the Internet for purchasing decisions, companies seek the help of professionals to use online advertising strategies and tools to appeal to the growing consumer market online.

Needless to say, everything is going smoothly for many businesses until the coronavirus outbreak. Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies and corporations had to cut back on funding campaigns to deal with the declining state of the economy in their respective countries.

Little do they know the pandemic provides the perfect chance to seize the consumer market as more people stay home and rely on the Internet for many things. And if you’re in doubt, here are three indisputable reasons why this is the best time to utilize the power of digital marketing.

1. Transition From Personal Purchases to Online Shopping

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted the government to restrict people from going outside of their homes. Thus, most of the purchases and transactions are now happening online. Without an online shop or website, it will be tough to cope with this kind of change.

As it stands, it would be wiser for brands to promote and sell their products and services online since most customers are turning their heads to online platforms for their needs. That said, without a SaaS marketing company to back you up in generating leads and sales, it is impossible to survive this transition.

2. An Increase in the Amount of User Screen Time

With most of the population at home, they are likely to turn to social media and the Internet to keep themselves entertained. Indeed, there are plenty of activities to engage in even at home, but these forms of recreation aren’t enough to quench the human thirst for social interaction.

That said, since the start of quarantine, there is a sharp increase in the number of times users stay proactive online. And as this trend is likely to continue for the next couple of months, it would be the best time to increase brand awareness through social media advertising and Google marketing.

3. Shift in Lifestyle More Reliant on Digital Services

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there came a noticeable change in the way people interact with others. While stuck at home, people are starting to become more reliant on digital platforms and services.

Nowadays, more individuals are opting for remote services and online deliveries that allow them to do things in the comfort of their homes. With this shift in lifestyle, consumers will likely have different spending habits more focused on online resources.


Indeed, the coronavirus outbreak has brought on a tremendous change in the business industry. Now that consumers lean more towards online platforms for purchases and transactions, it isn’t that difficult to see that digital marketing will only grow bigger from here on out.

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