Public relations is the process of managing information about an entity or a brand, together with its reputation and image. It is a bit different from advertising because it focuses on the essence and characteristics of a brand or a person, rather than what they are on the surface and what they can offer to the public! If ads are all about selling a product, PR is all about bridging the product with the target audience even after the purchase has been made.

With all of that being said, there are many important reasons why public relations (PR) is essential for every business. Almost all companies rely on PR to manage their reputation, and perhaps these following factors are their main purposes in doing so:

  1. To Regulate Target Audience Perception

Managing how the target audience sees your brand can yield good results in the long run. Get to know their reactions and feedback regarding your products and services, then strategize a way to interact with these responses. 

A simple greeting would not be sufficient, so you have to rely on the “scripts” and workarounds when it comes to converting these comments into opportunities. If a person were to complain about your product, for example, then reply to that complaint and do something to fix the problem. Some companies would even go the extra mile and give compensation for the hassle experienced by the customer! It may seem like “throwing away profits,” but it would be all worth it once you realize that the gesture was enough to garner praise from potential customers.

  1. To Maintain Brand Presence

Some companies often make the mistake of relying solely on advertisements to promote their brand. While it may seem like the only option, remember that PR plays a vital role in brand retention as well. 

Some companies would lean towards outreach marketing ideas and organize charity outreach events and award nights, using their products and services as a sponsorship vessel in order to subtly promote their brand. You may have experienced attending one of these events, getting a handful of giveaways with the brand logos on them. That is just one main example.

  1. To Promote the Brand’s Core Message

This may seem like a waste of time, as you might think that people care more about the products and services than the company itself. However, many business owners fail to realize that the company’s core value and message severely affect how good and exemplary the products and services are! 

You may have seen a company-specific commercial before expressing how hardworking and kind their employees are. While this may seem disconnected from their products and services, people would be able to connect the dots and conclude that the brand is almost flawless to the core because it is made up of morally good and motivated workers.


Public relations has been a staple part of marketing for many years. While advertising has been an effective tool in letting the target market know about brands, PR is an accompanying tool that aims to retain the success of ads. They always work hand-in-hand, efficiently maintaining brand recognition, managing target audience perception, and boosting sales. Use PR to your advantage and watch your company rise to the top. If you would like the assistance of an expert PR agency, feel free to contact krafted digital.

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