Marketers know that customers purchase things that appeal to them; however, many don’t have a set way of determining what interests consumers. As such, product and service marketing operates on a trial and error system, and outreach marketing ideas revolve around plenty of guesswork. 

There is a method of setting up an informed buying process, though, and people often unwittingly go through it when completing a purchase. When marketers pay attention to it, they ensure that they’re not shooting in the dark with their strategies. You can divide this process into six phases, which we have outlined below.

Step 1: Recognize the problem

The customer first needs to recognize their need for an item. They must believe that their situation would change for the better if they purchase an item or subscribe to a service. This first step presents an opportunity for marketers; at this point, they can “create a problem” for the customer and make them aware of the gap in their experience.

Step 2: Research options

When the customer is aware of their need, they start searching for options. Since they know there’s an issue, they want to find the best solution for it. Whether they’re looking for a new shade of foundation or a replacement refrigerator, consumers will read as much as they can and learn about different brands’ features.

For customers in this stage, you need to establish yourself as an industry expert. Becoming a Google Trusted Store, highlighting partnerships on your website, and mentioning sponsors on your materials are all ways of promoting your business and helping yourself gain prominence.

Step 3: Assess the choices

When a customer selects your brand as part of their long list, your job is far from over. You need to lock in their purchase and thoroughly convince them that you are the best choice among their last few selections. Fortunately, you can achieve this by keeping them on your site or social media page. When they’re evaluating alternatives, ensure that they’re doing so on your online materials.

Step 4: Make the purchase

You’d think that the purchase decision is the last stage. However, it falls somewhere in the middle. Customers can still decide to walk away, even after understanding your brand’s benefits and payment options, so you should employ outreach marketing, even for this stage. Give them a sense of security; remind them why your brand stands out among the others and why it fulfills their need.

 Step 4 is where you make or lose profits, and it is the most crucial part of the customer journey. In case a customer walks away at this point, you can bring them back through email reminders and other retargeting efforts. Enforce their purchase decision and the need for the product.

Step 5: Pay for the item

Once the customer decides to make a purchase, you still have to strengthen everything you’ve said about your brand. Use the landing pages to reinforce your messages or introduce new offers to them. 

Also, make the checkout process swift and convenient for them. Doing this involves providing multiple payment options and a way of tracking their order. Ease of completing transactions is just one more reason for them to keep buying from you.

Step 6: Evaluate the experience

After a purchase, build consumer loyalty; you will quickly lose revenues if you keep attracting one-time purchasers. A consumer who feels like they had made an incorrect purchasing decision needs support just as much as a satisfied customer does.

When someone expresses dissatisfaction with a product, you must have several options to mitigate their experience. Having a return and exchange policy, constantly surveying past customers, and responding to social media reviews will help you solidify your reputation as a trustworthy, caring brand.


Being with customers throughout the purchasing journey lets you position your products in the best way possible. Ensure that you don’t drop off their radar by tailoring your message to their needs and listening to their feedback as often as possible. It also helps to partner with a company that can help with your outreach marketing.

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