A strong blog content strategy considers user intent. This targeted content approach optimizes your blog content for numerous queries and maintains your sites’ rankings in the SERPs.By adopting the best search intent practices, you can scale traffic and conversions to help your business expand.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent, also known as keyword intent, is the underlying purpose behind a search query.

In other words, what are you truly looking for when you input a search phrase into Google? You may be looking for background information, or you may wish to purchase a product. That’s what search intent is.

There are three different forms of search intent:

  • Navigational(Go)
  • Transactional (Do) 
  • Informational (Know)

More than 80% of search inquiries are informative, with the remaining 10% being navigational or transactional.

Optimizing Your Blog Content for Search Intent

Google is intelligent enough to detect whether or not users are happy with their search results. They are more inclined to click on search results when they are interested in them. Otherwise, they will scroll to discover more relevant stuff. However, Google’s primary goal is to meet the user’s goals. So, if it believes that a particular search result isn’t directly related to a query, it will lower its ranking.

That is why optimizing your content for search intent is critical. How do you go about doing that? Consider the following points.

1. Diversify Your Media

Instead of having your material entirely text-based, include media items such as photographs, videos, gifs, and so on. This will make it easy for audiences to understand and will help you rank higher.

2. Make use of Exit Intent Pop-Ups

When a visitor decides to leave, an exit-intent popup appears. Displaying a popup when a visitor’s cursor leaves the frame of your website allows you the opportunity to gather more forms, more email subscribers, and decrease cart abandonment.

3. Organize Your Content Ideas By Search Intent

Before conducting intensive keyword research, sketch out your content ideas and organize them based on search intent. This will help you to see how equally your content is distributed.

Are you primarily producing informational content? These are excellent articles for driving visitors to your website but will take longer to turn readers into clients in most situations. What commercial intent-driven blogs can you put out to help your sales team.

Having everything in one location will allow you to see the larger picture. It will also provide you with a location to arrange other workflows, such as keywords and formats.

4. Consider How People Search

The key to optimizing for user intent is to ensure you’re utilizing the proper tools and following best practices. Here are some pointers to consider when evaluating search intent:

  • Make use of tools like Google Webmaster Tools, YouTube Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Examine impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and overall site rating.
  • Recreate the search experience from the perspective of the customers 
  • Consider what people could be looking for.

These tools and methods will assist you in determining how frequently searches were done and how many of those inquiries resulted in page views. They also show you the percentage of impressions that result in a click. Furthermore, these tools display your average ranking in organic search results for a specific term.

5. Track Your Performance and Adjust Accordingly

Google Analytics provides insight into numerous crucial indicators such as your bounce rate, average sessions, and so on, which impact the performance of your blog. Determine what causes a high bounce rate and a short average session length and focus on improving these factors by enhancing your content.

Final Thoughts

Search intent isn’t about exploiting short-term glitches or manipulating Google’s algorithm to your advantage. Instead, it’s about adding value to readers’ lives by doing their job—finding the information they require—easier.

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