Anyone who has ever used the internet has undoubtedly encountered bad website design. It’s not easy to find poorly designed websites because, unfortunately, many businesses get tricked into buying inferior websites. Some may already notice how this is negatively affecting their businesses. If you, too, feel like you may have fallen prey to investing in a poorly developed business website, you should do what you can to address this. 

But how can you know if your website needs improvements? Well, if your website is guilty of the following mistakes, it’s clear that you need to revamp your website design: 

Your Website Doesn’t Immediately Convey What Your Company Is All About

Did you know that it doesn’t even take a second for users to form a first impression and opinion about your website and, by extension, your company to determine whether or not they’ll stay on your site or just leave?

That means if it’s not evident what your business is all about at first glance, and you make it hard for users to know more about your brand, you can bet they’ll be gone before you can even count to ten. 

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

If your website is still not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on thousands of potential customers who typically use their phones or tablets when doing online searches. If your website doesn’t display properly on a smaller screen or makes it hard for users to go from one page to another, your visitors will not hesitate to look for what they need elsewhere. 

Your Website Takes Too Long to Load

How fast do your web pages load? If you say it takes a few seconds, chances are, it’s not fast enough. That’s not good at all. People are always in a rush, and they want answers to their queries instantly. They expect websites to load fast, and if they don’t, that’s a point against that website and the brand they represent. If your website is slow, you can expect higher bounce rates and fewer conversions.

Your Website Is Not Secure

A website that isn’t secure is a red flag not only to users but to search engines, too. Regardless of the type of website you have, be it an e-commerce site or not, you need to be HTTPS-secured, especially if you ask for user information like email and phone number. If your website is not secure, it will be pushed by search engines further down their search results, and that would hurt your online visibility.

Your Website Lacks Good Content

No matter how aesthetically pleasing and fast your website may be if you don’t have the content that people are looking for – content that’s informative and engaging, you won’t be getting the most out of your website. Some might think that content and SEO are not a part of web design, but they do play a big role in the success of any website. 


These are just some of the website mistakes that could drive people away from your website. If you are guilty of even just one of these, your website could be significantly affected, and you won’t be able to achieve what you want from your website. That’s how important web design is. 

Remember that it’s not enough to simply have a website. Everybody has one! Now what’s going to make you stand out is a well-designed website that meets everything that your potential customers are looking for. So go ahead and invest in the services of one of the top digital marketing and web design companies in Miami that can help you.

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