In January 2021, the number of social media users worldwide was around 4.2 billion. That figure in itself should be enough to convince brands that having a strong social media presence is now a necessity. 

Social media platforms allow brands to connect and interact with their audience and customers. These channels also enable brands to build trust and loyalty and get more leads and sales.

However, because it’s all about social media these days, most channels are congested with businesses taking advantage of its benefits. So how will your brand stand out from such a huge competition? Here are some ways:

1. Choose the Right Channels for Your Brand

You can analyze and decide which networks are best for the type of audience you would like to reach.

For instance, if you have a product that appeals mostly to women, you should aim for Instagram and Pinterest.

On the other hand, if your product is something like male enhancement pills, you should try out Reddit and YouTube.

It’s crucial that you know what content will drive your audience to your site. So choose the right channels.

2. Understand Your Audience

Your business’s social media strategy should incorporate knowing your audience well. You should know their interests and preferences. You should know how they like to be communicated with. You should know where they hang out and how you can find them. This will give an advantage on how to position yourself and target them effectively.

3. Invest in High-Quality Visuals

Most social media channels are image-based, so you have to make it count – and be visually appealing. You can do the usual company profile photos and office shots, but there’s always room for creativity. Make use of landscapes and scenery, and maybe even illustrations, instead of the same old office or conference room.

4. Post Unique Copy

It’s easy to just post the same status updates across your social channels. However, this does not give the impression of a consistent and unified brand. You should post unique content for each channel (and even within the same channel). You can do the same for posting times: spread the posts from morning to night.

5. Interact with Your Followers

Social media is all about interaction. If you don’t interact with your followers, how will you ever persuade them to buy your products? So, engage with them. Let them know that you are listening. Answer their questions and respond to their comments.

You can even ask them to submit photos. Offer prizes for the most creative images.

6. Automate Wisely

Once you have your posting schedule and tone of voice, you can use automation tools to help speed things up and ensure that your social media channels are being consistently updated.

You can set up a posting schedule based on the times you’re usually active on each channel. Or you can upload a batch of photos at once and let your automated tool do the work for you.


Social media is not just about posting statuses and photos on social media channels. It’s about communication, about listening and responding to what your audience is saying.

The above tips will help your brand stand out from the competition, but it’s still important to look at the bigger picture.

In the end, it’s all about how you can help your target audience. Look at how you can solve their problems, their wants, and needs. Once you figure that out, you are on the right track to make your brand stand out to them.

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