With all the advancements of modern technology nowadays, website design has a world of possibilities at hand. However, it should be noted that every approach to web design in Miami or anywhere has its own proper place and time. No concrete reason to do a complete overhaul of your website? Don’t bother with it, because otherwise, you’ll wind up with more problems than solutions.

2021 has a whole lot of reasons on the table, however. Upon analysis of what users want, a clear trend is that everyone just wants to be able to see something new. The time to start tracking brand-new trends for your website to make full use of them is now. Trends can differ pretty greatly; some of them will have character that is purely aesthetic, while most of them will fade into history and be replaced by something else. 

For every technologically forward, innovative Miami web design agency, there are already some pretty clear signs.

Here are some of the unorthodox website design trends you can use in 2021:

Vector Graphics That Are Flexible

Whatever the website is about or for, the key source of its aesthetic is always multimedia. The main thing highly rated web pages have in common is that they have illustrations and photos that pique interest. Websites that have quite a bit of content in them take quite a while to load, especially on smartphones, tablets, and the like. However, it is very evident from Google that they care immensely about their users. 

The results of indexing websites through smartphones, tablets, and similar devices play a part in the ranking criteria. With that, the demand for adaptability grew immensely. GIFs and PNG images are incredibly popular; not having them means saturation dies out, but their quality is lost when they’re resized.

Vector illustration is a new trend that offers a solution to this. Images can be scaled in order to fit any screen without any quality loss through SVG format.

Data Emphasis

Analytics and their results are being trusted more and more by users now. Information technology leaders work very hard to have informative design structures’ roles increase immensely because of it. Designs that focus on project data are coming into more of a focus now.

There are two key factors that you and your team should zero in on to develop such a design. First is being smart about data placement and management. The second is the setup of a data source.

Graphics and Photos Together

Your website will gain key, unique messaging through combining graphics or illustrations with real photos. This will be a great asset to branding while helping your company or organization stand out. These collages, in essence, have quite a few benefits. They’re a great way to quickly get images customized as well as have a touch of personality thrown in.


Website design fads have a pretty quick turnover, and keeping up is important for all companies and organizations. With everyone migrating to the internet given the onset of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise. Stay ahead of the curve by tracking the trends as they happen and applying them as needed.

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