The software as a service (SaaS) model has become ubiquitous in 2021. Most people can’t go through one day without interacting with SaaS products such as Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft Office, Slack, and more.

Because SaaS is generally sold as digital subscriptions instead of physical products or services, SaaS marketing strategies are slightly different.

What Makes SaaS Marketing Different?

SaaS focuses on promoting and converting leads for subscriptions. SaaS is not a one-time purchase, so companies need to prove over and over that their subscription is worth paying for every month and every year. For some SaaS applications, this means added functionality, more features, and regular product updates.

SaaS marketing strategies generally center on a specific target market. For SaaS businesses, it’s crucial to retain your existing customer base in the long term. You need to consistently prove to your subscribers that your company is worth the monthly or yearly fee.

Here are three SaaS marketing tips that will lead to success in 2021:

1. Free Trial Or Freemium Model

The easiest and most common way to draw in brand new paying customers is to offer a free trial. Consumers want to know exactly what they’re paying for and want to experience everything a business has to offer. When you offer them the chance to try your service for a set amount of time, they are more likely willing to pay a premium price if they think it’s worth the fee.

With the freemium model, you can offer basic features for free and lock advanced options for paying customers. A small percentage of genuinely dedicated users will decide that these next-level features are worth paying for. Canva and Dropbox are two of the most popular SaaS applications that use the freemium model to attract their subscribers.

Free trials and freemium offers require a lot of resources and can cost a lot of money to run. However, these are tried and tested marketing techniques that generally lead to a significant return on a company’s investment.

2. Focus On Inbound Marketing

SaaS marketing centers on loyal, long-term customers. You need to take care of their needs and resolve issues that they face. Open communication is crucial because the moment they find another SaaS company that will meet their needs, they will not hesitate to jump ship.

Inbound marketing strategies create loyal customers through valuable content and experiences tailored to them. Good customer service and addressing your customers’ needs help ensure long-term success.

3. High-Quality Content

Content marketing is crucial for SaaS because it is where your potential clients will find out what they need to know about your service. You should create engaging, high-quality content that highlights all the benefits of sighing up for your service, its many uses, and how it will improve people’s lives in the future. You can do this through blogs, product videos, infographics, and other creative outlets.

If you are able to engage your target market with your content, you open up a way to communicate with them directly. The more you respond to their direct feedback, the more likely they are to keep subscribing to your service.


SaaS applications are sold, installed, and run online, so marketing strategies are a little bit different. Listening to feedback, opening communication lines, and offering free trials are three tried and tested ways to retain a loyal customer base for many years. Just follow these tips, and your business will continue to grow!

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