What are evergreen trees? They’re the type of trees that stay green all year round. Now, how does this have anything to do with affiliate marketing strategy? Well, there’s a thing called evergreen content, and with what we said earlier, we can safely believe that you know what evergreen content is.

Evergreen content is a type of content that essentially remains fresh and relevant regardless of the date or time that has passed since the publishing date. Are they too good to be true? How do you make them? Well, first off, they’re not too good to be true, and second, here’s how you write evergreen content:

1. Avoid Adding A Date

Remember, evergreen content doesn’t have time. They last essentially forever, or for as long as possible, and so if you pay attention to dates, that’s asking for the content to last for only a certain timespan. So, in all your content, avoid writing dates or references to dates such as yesterday, tomorrow, this month, this year, and the like.

2. Don’t Use Hard-To-Understand Jargons

Jargons are about as easy to understand as a Venn diagram. They’re most often used by experts in a particular field, and that’s why they’re hard to understand for anyone that isn’t in the field. If you really want to be an expert and create evergreen content, don’t use jargon, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a simple trick: If you have to look up a word to understand it, it probably is a jargon.

3. Don’t Force It To Be Evergreen

Evergreen content isn’t forced. It’s just simply content that stays fresh and relevant to whatever industry it’s in. Forcing evergreen content may leave your content sound unnatural and, ultimately, uninteresting to read.

Think of it as art. Evergreen content is an art, and like all art, it has its own natural flow.

4. Don’t Be Boring

If your content is boring and irrelevant, it’s not going to be evergreen. It has to be relevant to the audience beyond just the subject material. It has to be something that people would want to read again, something that they’d want to share with others. In fact, even if it is evergreen if your content is boring, there’s just no point. So, that’s why the secret to evergreen content is the fact that they’re interesting and engaging and bring people back over and over for a nice read.

5. Pair It With Some Visuals

If you want to write evergreen content that would actually be read, make sure to pair it with visuals. Evergreen content isn’t something that would be read on its own. It needs something to bring it to life, something to make it real, something to make it more interesting, something to make it more engaging, and that something is the visuals.


That’s it for this guide on evergreen content. We hope that you enjoyed it and that you learned a few new things about creating evergreen content for your business or for your blog. Now, if you need help writing evergreen content, feel free to reach out to a digital agency to help you out! Evergreen content experts will know what to write for you, ensuring you get content that will last for a long, long time.

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