Outreach marketing is an essential part of advertising for many businesses in the modern age, but without analyzing the data, it is nothing. It is important to use social media monitoring tools to gauge the success of your efforts. Not only can the information you gather tell you if your endeavors are successful, but it can also give you valuable insight about how your strategies can be optimized. 

What is outreach marketing?

This is the practice of seeking out individuals and businesses that have a shared interest in the offerings of your business. It is often used in conjunction with direct sales, but is better for larger goals such as branding. 

There are two main concerns when it comes to weighing ideas for an outreach marketing campaign: your target audience and your method of engagement. Only when you have narrowed down both should you begin the process. 

Keywords and audience

A more specific concern as it relates to social media marketing tools is the selection of the right keywords, as it goes hand-in-hand with finding your audience. These keywords should be broken down into two categories: primary and secondary.

Primary keywords should be directly related to the industry you are in. For example, if you offer a budgeting app or service, you should be using “budget app” as a keyword. From there, you could expand to “money management app” or “accounting app.” Avoid using your brand name in your primary keyword, as the main goal of outreach marketing is to connect with users who have never heard of your brand. 

If you operate in a niche industry with few competitors, you might not need secondary keywords after all. If this is not the case, then you will need them to refine your monitoring. “Bad at money” or “getting out of debt” are secondary keywords you might consider for this example. 

Engaging the audience

One of the most important concepts in every form of marketing is the call to action (CTA). Without an appropriately designed CTA, you would be leaving your prospective customers with information they wouldn’t know how to use. However, it should be more than just asking them to go to your website to buy your product; it should be as enticing as possible to the consumer.

Engaging your audience could mean creating an incentive for them to click through a link or to subscribe to a mailing list. In many cases, this means outlining a problem they might have, and then providing the solution. In the case of our previous example, consider the following attempt at engaging the customer: “Living paycheck to paycheck? Check out our budgeting app!”

This type of statement increases the response factor in your marketing, and is perfect for connecting with possible customers. Essentially, you would be engaging them through a personal experience with a problem that you can now solve or improve. 

Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways you could enact outreach marketing, plenty of ideas you can use and plenty of ways to succeed. While this seems like a challenging effort, it is still worthwhile for any business and entrepreneur. After all, the more of your target market you connect to, the better your chances of profit. 

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