Whether drafting a website remodel or brainstorming an innovative social media campaign, technology remains at the forefront of contemporary marketing strategies. Among these online staples is SaaS, or Software as a Service, a unique approach to merchandising non-tangible products. 

If your digital business is dipping its toes into SaaS, immerse yourself in these fundamentals that should make an appearance in your marketing strategy. 

Tip 1 – Prioritize Inbound Marketing

A successful marketing campaign is a consumer-focused one. The key to inbound marketing is social listening—your primary concern is what your clients are looking to solve with your service. 

Regardless of how unique your product or service is, there will always exist a competitor who is willing to serve your clients better. Thus, it’s best to kick-start every marketing campaign with a well-defined buyer persona. 

Illustrate target buyer traits and how your service can alleviate their immediate and long-term challenges. After familiarizing yourself with their needs, language, and online habits, skew your content towards their personalities—and don’t forget to nurture your existing clients. 

Tip 2 – Choose Wisely Between Freebies

Free trials are nothing novel within the SaaS industry. Because you are without a tangible product to sell, potential buyers will want to get a feel for your service before committing financially. 

Offer a “freemium” model with limited capabilities and open your line to inquiries and communication. Most services will enable free access for a month—ample time for your clients to acquire a taste for your services and realize they’d be better off with a premium membership. 

Tip 3 – Get Hands-On with Your Content

Content marketing is a powerful tool, regardless of the industry you hail from. Through an informative blog or enticing video channel, you can introduce your products and services, outline its advantages, and demonstrate their applications. 

The more frequently you impart new visitors with valuable information, the more opportunities you have to garner trust and turn passers-by into loyal, paying customers. Leverage your social media channels as an outlet for content and a means to engage with clients. 

A powerful piece of content boasts two primary characteristics: it’s helpful and informational. Determine how users respond to your content by taking note of regular feedback and paying close attention to your analytics. 

Tip 4 – Take Advantage of Google Ads

Google reigns supreme when it comes to popular search engines—if you aren’t taking advantage of its advertising features, you’re already missing out. With the help of an SEO manager and SaaS marketing company, you can begin incorporating relevant keywords and ranking tactics that will eventually earn your website’s first-page SERP status. 

Tip 5 – Don’t Forget Facebook Ads

Like Google, Facebook employs an ads manager. Fortunately, its interface is far more user-friendly, and without much of a learning curve. Before launching a brand-new campaign, tweak ads to your liking and marry elements with your particular brand identity. 

You can customize target audiences according to purchase behavior, location, age, and career on Facebook. Leverage these tailored audiences when re-marketing to loyal customers. 

Tip 6 – As a Bonus, Consider Email Marketing

No, email marketing isn’t obsolete. Frankly, it remains as effective as it once was—if not more! Loop your customers into upcoming product launches or service updates via email. 

Stamp your signature with a clear and concise CTA—ask readers to leave a like or follow on your social media pages or to sign up for a free trial. 


Whether new to the SaaS game or rolling out your hundredth campaign, there is always room for improvement. The right SaaS marketing agency will be more than happy to step into your shoes.

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