SaaS email marketing is a different kind of email marketing. Instead of emailing people who don’t have a profound understanding of the strategies and tactics, it’s better to email people who know all too well what they’re doing, who are our clients. 

So, succeeding means doing more than delivering an email to their inboxes. It’s pertinent to know what messages have worked, what haven’t and why. Most importantly, it’s vital to learn from successes and failures, each time refining the strategies to use in the future.

Here are the best strategies for effective SaaS email marketing:

1. Automated Behavioral Triggers

Awareness is one thing, but automation is an entirely different ball game. Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, says, “think of automation as a promise of what’s to come, or what you’ve already done. You’re giving them a taste of what’s to come or what you already did.” 

For example, if a person signs up for your product demo, you can automatically send them email sequences to keep them engaged and involved in what you’re doing.

2. One-Click Downloads

If you want people to download your product or get any further information, it must be accessible. If it requires too much of a hassle for users, chances are, many will just opt-out. 

Mike Volpe, founder, and CTO at ActiveCampaign, says, “If it’s a low-value piece of content, why should they go through the process of downloading it? Break it up into smaller pieces of content. Give them the first piece for free.”

3. Integrating SaaS Email Marketing with Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a massive part of it, if not an essential one. It’s not enough to just send an email to your prospect. You have to ensure they’re aware that you’re on social media as well. 

“Promoting your email newsletter through social media gives you the chance to reconnect and rekindle the relationship you may have had with someone. It’s similar to having a conversation with someone at a trade show or event that you meet at. You can connect and have a deeper connection,” says Bryan Cohen, founder of the Cohen Group.

4. Email Marketing Automation

Don’t make it only about the email. Ensure there’s more than one channel to your SaaS email marketing. Email is usually the first point of contact, but it’s not the only channel you can use. 

For example, you can integrate your email marketing with social media to transfer information about you and your product.

5. Increase the Visibility of Your Emails in Inboxes

With the new email guidelines by Google and Microsoft — where your emails aren’t automatically moved to the primary inboxes — you need to be more creative in the way you present your email.

Moving forward, the strategies to be successful in SaaS email marketing heavily depend on your products’ nature. If people download your product, they’re interested in knowing more about it. It’s best to convert that interest into an opportunity to market and educate them.


One of the most important things to remember is that email marketing is not just about delivering a message. It’s about engaging. Therefore, it’s vital to you to understand how the different strategies affect your overall engagement and improve the strategy to get greater conversions.

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