Social media marketing can be rather difficult for businesses to navigate, but one key thing to take note of is the effectiveness of hashtags. Those words in blue at the end of every post have greatly influenced the way individuals and businesses frame their messages, after all.

Granted, having hashtags doesn’t guarantee that you get the benefits of social media visibility and engagement right away. There has to be a process for what hashtags you should use and how you should utilize them. If you need assistance and insight, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a digital agency.

Here’s a short 5-step guide to get you started on using social media hashtags effectively:

1) Do Your Research First

Each social media platform may have its own sets of hashtags that you want to look into. Aside from learning what those hashtags are worded like, it’d be ideal to see how people are using them and what the context of those texts are.

So many businesses can make a blunder out of using hashtags without really learning what they’re about, which can result in some negativity or backlash on your brand and promotion. Allow a service to run a background check to see what hashtags are appropriate to use. 

2) Hop on Relevant Trends

There may be trending hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok that encompass something popular. Everyone is interacting and posting their own posts with that hashtag, and it can be a great opportunity for your business to indulge in it as well.

Ensure that your post is relevant though in terms of when it’s published, as some trends may only last for a couple of days. Using those trending hashtags should also fit in with your whole brand’s profile since some trends are unrelated to your business.

3) Say Less on Your Posts

Some companies believe that more hashtags in a post will eventually result in more visibility. However, the problem is that hashtag frequency can have an effect on the impression given to an audience, as well as their engagement with that post. In these cases, less is more.

It’s best to use no more than two hashtags on most platforms like Twitter and Facebook, even if they can allow more than that. Instagram posts can take more than 30 hashtags at a time, though it might be best to cap the caption at nine hashtags. 

4) Aim for Simple and Unique

When creating your business’s own hashtag, ensure that it is usable by other people. Making it too complex or complicated in its pronunciation or typing can lessen the effectiveness of your hashtag. Aim for simplicity instead. At the same time, ensure that its composition is unique and easily recognizable as a part of your brand.

5) Connect with Your Audience

Encourage your audience to use your brand’s hashtags. When they do, don’t forget to engage with their posts. Not only will it improve the customer’s relationship with your business, but it also creates a great brand image that your profile listens to its followers. A well-written and human-like reply would get the best results. 


Hashtags are truly a core tool when it comes to navigating and marketing on social media. Your brand becomes more discoverable and improves its engagement when it utilizes all the right hashtags, so place more effort and attention to detail in your endeavors on this network.

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