Covering the full journey of the SaaS marketing cycle

As a leading SaaS marketing agency, our team takes a comprehensive approach in catering to every step of the overall SaaS buyers journey. We map out the whole marketing funnel, from raising product awareness, to growing media reach with PR, and driving conversions, our strategies are built to turn traffic into users.

Driving MQL, PQL and MRR Growth

With performance-driven strategies and tailored campaigns, we work closely to identify the most effective channels for your product, while prioritizing the data, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

Saas Marketing Channels

Some of our favorite channels to tap into when Marketing SaaS

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Ranking for search terms related to your product can be valuable advertising real estate that can provide an immediate source of targeted traffic to your website, driving conversions and contributing to revenue growth.

Public Relations

Public Relations can play a big part in creating a viral buzz for your product through the Media. When it comes to PR, Krafted Digital focuses on delivering the right message to the right audience with the goal of increasing your software's exposure and credibility.

Content Marketing

As the saying goes: 'Content is King.' A content strategy that provides educational material around your product in the form of eBooks, Webinars and alike can have a great impact on overall marketing performance and conversion rates.

CRM Optimization

A well-optimized CRM can help you track marketing performance accurately, while keeping an overall view of your prospects' sales cycle. Refining your CRM optimization can boost lead nurturing, data-analysis, and increase LTV.

Paid Social

By crafting hyper-targeted social media ad campaigns, you can reach a hyper-targeted audience in real-time. Social media ads can be a great channel to generate awareness and leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very powerful way to reach decision makers directly in their inbox. This channel is especially effective for B2B SaaS products that target select corporate audiences.

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Tyler Levine, Marketing Manager at Snappr

We had trouble getting our software in-front of our target audience and Krafted Digital started connecting all the dots right from the start. Their attention to Detail was impressive.

Adam Ganem, Chief Operating Officer at Sonex Event Group

Krafted's team created a funnel that was able to increase our conversion rate by roughly 40%. We were having trouble on the corporate lead-gen side and their team was able to help us promptly.

Ranal Singh, VP of Growth Marketing at Gett

Krafted Digital's team was extremely helpful in putting together an awareness campaign across Europe and the middle east. Their work was quality, and they were very collaborative with our team.

You don't just get an agency, you get a strategic partner.

Our experience marketing SaaS products gives our team the necessary experience and insights necessary to grow a SaaS brand beyond simple traditional marketing practices. We take a proactive approach for helping our clients scale and achieve their overall goals.

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