Zod Charger - Case Study

The Client

Zod Charger is an ingenious invention from Bonalogic designed at helping Juul users charge their Juuls right from their phones. Its’ sleek design and compact size allow for fast Juul charging anywhere, anytime.

The Project

Zod Charger was looking to tap into the eCommerce market with their new, innovative Juul charger.

The Strategy

Zod Charger approached Krafted Digital to better understand how they can utilize Digital Marketing to increase their Online Sales. After evaluating the clients’ audience, and data points our team put together a comprehensive Marketing plan that mainly focused on Social Media advertising, with a touch of Affiliate and SEO.

Paid Social

Created targeted ad campaigns that we launched via Facebook and Instagram. We used target interest-based audiences to capture our target audience.


With many advertising restrictions to Tabaco related products, one of our only Online Marketing avenues was through organic search. Starting from scratch, our team optimized the clients' website and executed a successful SEO campaign.

Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, we connected with hundreds of influencers in the vaping industry while promoting the client's affiliate program.

Paid Social

With the product having a younger consumer market, Facebook and Instagram were pivotal to the Marketing Strategy. After A/B testing multiple interest-based audiences and ad messaging, we found the right formula that allowed us to increase sales through Social Media ads, with a strong CPA. The strategy and execution of the Social Media campaign included:

  • Creating data-driven targeting sets
  • A/B testing ad messaging, offers, and ad creative
  • Optimizing campaign that decreased CPA by 37%


Organic reach was a significant aspect of increasing the client’s website traffic. Our SEO strategy was solely focused on bringing in visitors for terms specifically related to Juul chargers. The Strategy and execution of the SEO campaign included:

  • Optimizing the clients existing website with appropriate H1 Tags, Meta descriptions, and all other On-Site ranking factors
  • Increasing the websites speed by compressing images and removing unused CSS
  • Conducting a keyword research and picking out winnable high volume search terms
  • Building a backlink strategy that increased website DA and rankings

Affiliate Marketing

Alongside the Social Media and Search Marketing campaigns, our strategists found a key opportunity in Affiliate Marketing. Krafted Digital’s affiliate team focused on outreach to influencers in the e-cigarette industry and grew affiliate into one of the most powerful sales sources from the bottom up.



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