Sierra Furniture - Case Study

The Client

Sierra Furniture is a furniture company based out of Lima that crafts luxury Brazilian furniture that brings a sense of South American elegance to any living space.

The Project

Looking to make headway in the Miami furniture scene, Sierra Furniture hired Krafted Digital to implement a brand awareness campaign.

The Strategy

The Strategy for Sierra Furniture was to increase local brand awareness and foot traffic through paid social media ads. Additionally, we utilized local interior design influencers to create content for an increase in local reputation.

Paid Social

To grow Sierra Furniture’s awareness through social media, our team implemented the following plan:

Awareness campaigns: Deployed captivating ads on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on the brands elegant collection, specifically targeting Miami’s furniture enthusiasts based on demographics and browsing patterns.

Retargeting Excellence: Initiated campaigns to re-engage prior website visitors, showcasing familiar products and introducing attractive in-store incentives.

Creative productions: Developed compelling ad copy and visuals that highlighted the store’s exclusivity and expansive furniture collection, resonating with the target audience.

Performance Analytics: Monitored vital metrics such as reach, engagement, and store visits to gauge campaign effectiveness.

Adaptive Strategy: Utilized real-time data to make ongoing refinements, ensuring sustained growth in awareness and store foot traffic.