Raw Generation - Case Study

The Client

A Father/Daughter operation since 2012, Raw Generation is on a mission to produce fresh, raw vegetable juice that tastes great, while making you feel great.

The Project

Raw Generation was looking to increase its Branding and Creative capabilities while growing their D2C revenue. With clear-cut goals, Krafted Digital was able to implement a custom strategy centered around producing high-quality Content and Online ad campaigns.

The Strategy

After auditing their existing campaigns and Social Media analytics, Krafted Digital recommended a change in Social Strategy that involved consistent posting, combined with audience engagement. The second part of the Strategy was to craft ad campaigns targeted at driving sales growth, this consisted of crafting ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram, as well as Google Shopping.

Web Optimization

Upon our initial audit, we found some crucial web errors that can be a big factor in minifying conversions. Our Web team optimized the home and product pages with a more liquefied flow resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Paid Search

Build and manage a Google Shopping campaign that advertised the client's products through the network's shopping channels, resulting in targeted online traffic and increased conversions.

Content Marketing

Produce informative content aimed at educating the client's target audience on the benefits of the products. Create innovative visuals that increased brand presence and authority.

Web optimization

Our web team optimized the clients’ website with new content and a smoother flow that better connected with the clients’ visitors, thus resulting in improved conversions.

  • Revamped web structure with a brand-related visual identity
  • Optimize website for improved speed
  • Restructured checkout page and process to simplify the buying process

Paid Search - Google Shopping

After A/B testing various PPC channels across Google and Bing, our Search Marketing team decided that Google Shopping would be the most effective channel for reaching our goals. The Google Shopping campaign included:

  • Integrating products through Google Merchant Center and Google ads
  • Sectoring products between categories to maximize efficiency
  • Optimizing bidding strategy to target CPA cost

Content Marketing

One of the Marketing campaign’s objectives was to educate our target audience on the value of the product, in addition to building a strong visual and brand identity. Our Content Marketing consisted of:

  • Creating and producing high-quality designs, visuals, infographics, blogs, and video content
  • Establish a visual identity and brand guidelines



Increase in Brand Engagement


Google Shopping ROI