Mission Lean - Case Study

The Project

Mission lean is a Fitness and Nutrition app that helps people get and stay lean. They wanted to increase the awareness of their app while increasing their users and downloads.

The Strategy

After we identified our KPI’s we created a full-scale Marketing plan that utilized Facebook & Instagram ads, Content Marketing, SEO, and Retargeting.

Our Approach

Developing the Strategy

A winning campaign starts with a successful Strategy. For Mission lean, we came to the conclusion that the best way to meet our goals was to increase our users through Paid Social, Content, and SEO.

Retargeting App & Web Visitors

To increase our conversions, we created a Retargeting funnel that focuses on key points of lost traffic and abandoned trials. We utilized these points to substantially increase our conversion rates.

Creating the Paid Social campaign

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with a call to action, and more.

Using Organic Search to capture traffic

While researching our strategy, we identified many high-volume high-intent keywords that can bring potential customers to the app or website.

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook Advertising Team identified and captured our Audience on Facebook and Instagram with a pinpoint targeting strategy, combined with fully A/B tested copy and design.

Our Objective was to convert users to free trials since our data showed that the free trials turn into conversions 35% of the time.

While running the campaigns, we continue to optimize the ads based on the data we receive in order to amplify our results and campaign performance, as well as change copy every few months to combat ad fatigue.


The Content Strategy revolved around our Main goal – gaining users. With these in mind, our creative team decided to create innovative tactics to grab the attention of our target audience and current followers.

This included:

  • Creating tailored articles around hot questions related to getting lean
  • Posting fun, creative content on Social Networks to Boost engagement
  • Developing explainer videos and short tutorials for followers


Grew Users


Hit 60-Day Goal in


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