Copper Cow Coffee - Case Study

The Client

Copper Cow Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee brand aimed at selling quality, eco-friendly products, and accessories to coffee lovers around the globe.

The Project

Copper Cow Coffee was looking to increase the Direct to Consumer side of their business through the power of eCommerce. The team at Krafted saw a great opportunity to target search traffic and bring qualified Coffee lovers to have a look at their collection of innovative products.

The Strategy

The Strategy for Copper Cow Coffee consisted of increasing the clients Online Traffic – with Coffee Lovers. We focused spend on keywords related to Coffee and optimized the clients’ existing campaigns to increase conversions while decreasing their CPA.

Paid Search

Restructured existing PPC campaigns targeted at increasing online conversions. Identified keyword opportunities and revamp bidding strategy.


Created an SEO strategy that focused on exploiting the power of Content to bring high-quality organic traffic to the clients' website and products.

Content Marketing

Produce a Content Strategy around blogs. Create and distribute articles around coffee-related topics.

Paid Search

When it came to acquiring quality traffic, our PPC experts audited and revamped the client’s existing campaigns and prioritized the best performing ads, while restructuring the bidding strategy. The PPC strategy consisted of:

  • Identifying additional keyword opportunities that would bring high-quality Traffic from our Target Audience
  • A/B testing ad messaging and prioritize highest performing snippets
  • Remodeling the bidding strategy to target conversions


While Developing the Paid Search – PPC – campaign, our team found endless opportunities in Organic Traffic. The Krafted Digital SEO team developed a successful SEO campaign that aimed at answering common coffee questions and providing searchers with valuable content in relation to those questions. The Strategy of the SEO campaign included:

  • Optimizing the clients existing website with appropriate H1 Tags, Meta descriptions, and all other On-Site ranking factors
  • Increasing the websites speed by compressing images and removing unused CSS
  • Building High DA Backlinks that increased the Authority of the website
  • Create Blog Content in coordination with our Content Marketing campaign

Content Marketing

The Content Marketing strategy worked in conjunction with our SEO campaign. We moved towards answering Coffee related questions and creating blog articles that brought value to Coffee lovers. Our Content Strategy included:

  • Researching relevant topics with High-Search Volume
  • Creating and writing articles based on our Data



First Page Rankings


Decrease in CPA