Bonsai - Case Study

The Client

HelloBonsai is a software that is designed to help freelancers manage their day to day Business, including – Proposals, Contracts, Invoices, and more.

The Project

The project and goals consisted of acquiring new users while increasing the awareness and authority position of the Product. Our approach was to leverage Content with different Digital Media avenues in order to meet the set KPI’s.

The Strategy

Being a new product in a competitive market, our goal was to raise awareness and users by standing out. Our Marketing revolved around targeting freelancers through Affiliate Marketing, Content, Paid Social, and Paid Search.

Affiliate Marketing

During our discovery phase, we found that there are many blogs that provide tips and tricks for freelancers. Right away, we found an opportunity to target these bloggers and influencers with an affiliate campaign targeted at capturing high-quality Traffic at a low cost.

Content Marketing

After auditing competitor search traffic, we saw a high volume of 'question searches' related to the clients' product, such as: What are the best project management tools for freelancers? Our team identified this as an opportunity to capture organic traffic through the power of content. Gaining users, while building brand authority.

Paid Social

Krafted Digital's Paid Social team built a Social Media Marketing funnel that targeted Freelancers with tailored copy and creative, while splitting retargeting campaigns based on insights obtained from analytics. Our message was simple while complying with the brand messaging of helping freelancers simplify their lives.

Paid Search

Our Software's indicated vast opportunities to target searches related to the client's product. Our Search Marketing team identified high-intent queries that we're able to direct the client to a Landing page where we had the opportunity to convert.

Affiliate Marketing

Our Affiliate team procured the top blogs that provided Content to our target audience – freelancers. We then created an email campaign that focused on outreach to these blog editors and offered the Affiliate program. The Strategy and Execution of the campaign included:

  • Creating Affiliate Campaign, together with codes and links for partners
  • Assembling an Email Outreach Strategy to grow Affiliates
  • Managing Affiliate Campaign and growth

Content Marketing

Not only did Content Marketing allow us to reach new Customers for the Bonsai, but it also placed the client in positions to increase brand authority among their competition. The Content Strategy and execution included:

  • Crafting a Content plan that positioned the client to provide valuable information to potential customers
  • Create blogs, videos, and infographics all with the goal of providing insightful information to freelancers
  • Create a distribution Strategy for all Content that included Guest Posts and Email Newsletters

Paid Search

For the Paid Search campaign, our goal was to get the client in front of Intent-Driven searches related to the product. The Strategy and Execution of the campaign included:

  • Installing Tracking to properly measure our conversions and KPI’s
  • Identifying winnable search queries related to the product
  • Establish a Bidding Strategy that put us ahead in the auction share
  • Leverage creative structure and copywriting to increase our CTR’s
  • Optimize and Manage the campaign to improve performance and lower our CPA’s

Paid Social

The Paid Social team at Krafted identified Facebook and Linkedin as key channels to reach our audience. The Strategy and execution of the Social Media campaign included:

  • Install pixel tracking to measure Social Traffic
  • Identifying a pinpoint target audience
  • Formulate ad creative that is designed to enhance the brands messaging of simplifying the lives of Freelancers



Increase in users


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rates