Anatomy Fitness - Case Study

The Client

Anatomy is a high-end Luxury Gym operating out of Miami, Florida. Its innovative design, high-quality amenities, and top-tier personal trainers will guarantee that you have a one-of-a-kind kind Gym experience.

The Project

Anatomy was looking to increase its brand awareness to its target market – while increasing their conversion rates. Our team built out a plan that utilized Social Media Advertising to drive engagement, while creating an automated Email Marketing Strategy to increase prospect conversions.

The Strategy

After identifying the Goals and Pain points, the Krafted Digital team put together an extensive plan to drive Brand Engagement and Visibility by exploiting the power of Social Media. In addition, we created an automated Email Strategy to help increase the conversions of prospects to customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Our Social Media strategy consisted of developing Creative ads that showcased why the client is different from its competition. We then leveraged the clients' database to create different lookalike audiences. Lastly, we created a Retargeting campaign aimed at targeting users that engaged with our ads.

Email Marketing

Being an upscale service, converting prospects at a high rate can be difficult. To increase conversions, we implemented an automated Email Strategy that consistently followed up with the clients' prospects, occasionally offering specials and promotions.

Paid Social

Our Social Team built a comprehensive Social Media Marketing funnel that expanded Anatomy’s reach and gained mass amounts of Social engagement. The Strategy revolved around innovative Ad Creative combined with pinpoint lookalike targeting. The campaigns entailed:

  • Developing ad Creative that showcased the unique identity of the client
  • Building out a ‘lookalike audience’ targeting strategy that leveraged the clients’ customer database
  • Swapping out ad creative every three months to combat ad fatigue
  • Employing geotargeting to a narrow radius around each location

Email Marketing

One of the problems many Upscale brands have is optimizing their conversion rates. Our approach was to launch an automated Email strategy that constantly followed up with prospects in many different ways, occasionally offering special promotions. The Strategy and execution of the Email Strategy included:

  • A/B testing subject lines to increase open rate
  • A/B testing offers and promotions to identify what speaks most to our prospects
  • Writing and Designing emails in a strategized structure made to achieve our goals



Increase in Social Media Followers


Increase in Conversion Rates