There are massive amounts of data and information at digital agencies’ disposal today. However, not all of them know how to make the most of it. Besides using data for insights, marketers can personalize their social media messages with the information they get from their clients and customers. Personalization is a strategy that serves you, no matter your business type or the audience you serve. Here are things you should know about personalized marketing.

Personalized Marketing Defined

This type of marketing uses data to provide the target audience with customized messaging. Businesses collect data on the audience’s demographics, interests, and past consumer behavior. Then, they use these to create campaigns that will hook people and make them want to sign up for the service or buy the product.

Personalization is the only chance brands have of standing out in today’s business landscape. People encounter content in various ways today, and you will have to ensure that people notice your message and listen to you instead of the thousands of other choices they have online. You can use this strategy in several ways; here are some.

Personalized Retargeting Campaigns

Combining retargeting campaigns with personalization lets you send targeted advertising to people who have already interacted with your website. For example, suppose a shopper reads one of your blog posts or adds a product to their shopping cart. You can target them with dynamic ads of the product they checked out or the service they read about on your blog. If they purchase, you can show them ads for related products.

One of the best examples is Amazon’s recommendation algorithm. You can even put products in different groupings or categories, allowing for more nuanced targeting.

Another benefit of showing specific products or copy is that you demonstrate that you’re paying attention to customers’ pain points. Re-engagement of previous customers can start with copy saying, “It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you,” or “here are a few things we’ve added to our catalog, check them out!” Messages like these feel personal and can evoke a sense of loyalty, especially out of old customers.

Personalized Multimedia Campaigns

Video content is prevalent on social media, and personalized videos are the way to go for marketers who want to make it more engaging. Facebook is excellent at personalized marketing through video. Its small, private videos showing the social history between Facebook friends are a great way of showing how two people connect through the platform.

Spotify Wrapped is also a good example of this, showing users the music they streamed throughout the year, their most-played tracks, and more things to discover. Consult a digital agency to learn about the best types of multimedia campaigns for your business.

Personalized Quizzes on Social Media

Quizzes are a fun way of getting people interested in your brand. They give users something to do while allowing brands to collect information from their customers. If you are a company selling wallpaper, for example, you can create a quiz that tells people the type of wall coverings they should get based on their home’s aesthetic.

Personalized Chatbots

Chatbot conversations allow you to automate responses for FAQs about your company. Personalizing chatbots humanizes the experience for users. Besides inserting the customer’s first name into the script, you can have the AI offer recommendations based on the information it gets when asking questions from the person chatting with it.

Personalized Real-Life Campaigns

The Dutch airline KLM leveraged information it gathered online for one of its IRL promotions. They called it KLM Surprise, and it involved installing a team at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to track down KLM passengers who checked in via Foursquare. This KLM airport team will surprise these passengers with a gift customized to them based on their social profiles. KLM also made a short documentary about it, which became a massive hit online and was picked up by outlets in different countries.


Personalizing your customers’ experience of your brand will take you one step above brands delivering the same products or services you do. If you have plenty of information about your customers already, why not use it to provide better service? Your regulars will appreciate that you go above and beyond, and people new to your brand will note that you pay attention.

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