Websites receive a huge share of search traffic clicks from users when their web page appears on the first page of search results. This is further proven by a Moz study that reveals that more than 70 percent of organic search traffic clicks are captured from the first page of Google. Thus, your business needs to use SEO, so it can show up on the first page of search results and reach more users. After all, you cannot afford to overlook the value of a first-page ranking, especially with the tough competition.

One thing you need to remember about SEO is that it is ever-changing. For example, the strategy you used before the pandemic that yielded excellent results might not be effective today. To be up-to-date and keep up with the latest trends in the digital world, here are some SEO trends to leverage this year:

  1. Voice search

Typing keywords can be tedious, which is why more and more users are using the voice command on their devices to search online. They take advantage of the voice search feature more than ever before. What makes this appealing is it provides a seamless experience of using the web and accessing the information needed simply by speaking instead of typing in the search box. As it grows more popular, it is vital to optimizing your website for voice search.

  1. Influencer marketing

More and more social media users heed the advice of their favorite personalities on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube when purchasing products and services. They turn to them for recommendations because they trust their opinion. Because of this, many marketers have noticed this and began to use this as part of their marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing involves a partnership or collaboration between businesses and online influencers. These are individuals with a significant following and a positive reputation on social media. Since their audience sees them as experts in the industry, companies tend to reach out to them to help them promote their brand. 

Another option to make products and services more recognizable online is to partner with a social media agency. It consists of a team that can help establish a solid online presence and reach online customers.

  1. Original and engaging content

Content creation remains a crucial part of the SEO process as it effectively drives organic traffic, expands reach, and boosts sales. However, you simply cannot create any kind of content. It has to be engaging, relevant, and original that informs users and provides additional value. 

To do this, adopt an all-encompassing content creation strategy, including conducting target audience analysis and understanding their pain points. This will inspire you to create content that portrays you as an authority in the industry, resolves their problem, and resonates with them. Meanwhile, consider seeking content marketing by a digital agency if you have trouble coming up with this type of content.


Optimizing your website through SEO is important now more than ever because of the increased number of online users due to the pandemic. Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating the trends listed above into your strategy. You can also partner with a full-service digital agency in Miami like ours to achieve your business goals.

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