The coronavirus pandemic encouraged many business owners to transition from operating in-person to offering products and services through digital platforms, particularly on social media. Because of the fierce competition, start-ups and corporations are continuously creating and improving their marketing strategies.

Prevent your business from falling behind the competition on social media. Here are some ways to develop your social media marketing strategy during the pandemic:

  1. Create engaging content

The famous saying “Content is king” was mentioned by Bill Gates in 1996, but it still rings true today. As such, you need to make sure each content you share across your social media platforms keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

The best way to craft content is to determine your goal, know your brand identity, and understand your audience. It’s also a good idea to discover what your competitors are up to by conducting a competitive analysis. This way, you can identify strategies that work for them and determine how you can adapt them to your own campaigns.

In addition, you must be wise in using various forms of content. Instead of sticking to old-fashioned blog posts and pictures with captions, come up with witty and relatable content, like memes, short-form videos, and posts that show off your human side. Doing this lets you share innovative and fresh content that can help you increase your engagement rate. This is especially true if your prospects and customers keep on engaging with and sharing your content until it gets viral. 

Meanwhile, if you are struggling to keep up with various social media content, consider using social media management tools to schedule your posts in advance and organize your media library. You can also work with professionals like our team at our social media agency.

  1. Be timely

When running social media pages, your followers expect you to put out fresh content regularly. Unfortunately, being timely can be challenging when you have only a small team or strapped for resources.

You can still get your desired results by maximizing your schedule and time spent on social media. All you need to do is respond to your customers’ questions as soon as possible and post at the best times to engage. Therefore, make sure your social media managers are available and ready to address your customers’ questions or concerns when they post, comment, message, or tweet. 

If you happen to receive negative feedback, don’t ignore it. Turn this problem into an opportunity to further improve your products and customer service. Don’t forget to respond to them and listen to their comments and suggestions.

  1. Monitor your performance

Once you implement your social media marketing strategy, analyze your efforts and monitor your metrics in real-time. If you notice any low-performing continent, determine what doesn’t work with your campaign and make the necessary adjustments to improve it. It is a matter of trial-and-error, but you will soon achieve your business goals and ensure your campaign’s success once you make significant changes.


Keeping your audience engaged on social media can be difficult because it contains all kinds of content, and you have to make sure that you capture their attention right away. To start coming up with a social media marketing strategy, follow the tips listed above. You can also work with a digital agency or affiliate marketing agency for further assistance.

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