The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been broad and far-reaching, but most of all, unexpected. Many people have a story of how their life has changed because of this pandemic. Perhaps, it could be about a family member who tested positive or a personal recovery from the illness. Their story might also be of related experiences—businesses changed or lost because of the lockdowns, or family members stranded in another country because of border closures.

Marketers, when it comes down to it, are storytellers. We tell our clients’ business stories, how their brand came to be, and what people can expect from these. Doing this is challenging enough in a ‘normal’ environment, with social media and the internet being the dominant forces in our lives. However, it is even trickier to do marketing-related tasks during a pandemic. Aside from hiring a digital marketing agency, here are some ways you could reach out to your customers today.

Lean Into The Discomfort And Uncertainty

Customers need to feel you’re honest with them, and your marketing efforts should work towards transparency. Regulars or patrons will want to hear how their favorite businesses are doing during the pandemic, especially homegrown and locally-based ones. Show your audience that you’re eager to connect with them again through social media and regularly post on sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Having a robust online presence is the best way to get many people aware of developments in your brand and your company.

If COVID-19 has been tough on your business, don’t hide it. Mention how things have caused you to take some detours, but always end every message or post with an uplifting line or two. You want your customers to know that you’re weathering the challenges and are ready to serve them.

Listen To Your Clients’ Or Customers’ Concerns

When you are on social media, keep in mind to nurture the social aspect of these platforms. Though it’s important to let customers know how you are, it’s even more vital for you to know how they are doing. Encourage customer interactions and discussions relevant to your brand, and ask employees if they have feedback from customer emails, social media comments, phone calls, and service chats. 

These activities can help you create reassuring and timely responses, and they could be the basis for future content on your website or your social pages. Consulting an agency for outreach marketing ideas is also sound practice, especially if you’re trying to grow during this time.

Ensure Your Google Business Listing Is Up-To-Date

Updating your Google Business Listing tells your clients a lot about your shop or store at a glance. Your GMB listing should show them your store hours, if you offer curbside pick-up, if you do deliveries, or if you offer in-store dining or shopping. Your Google listing is also a great place to have photos of your products, reviews from customers, and links to your official digital spaces.


COVID-19 has brought immense pressure on everyone, and the world is not yet out of the woods on this one. One way you could reassure customers is through effective marketing. 

If you have an essential service, it’s vital to your business to have COVID-specific messaging to help your customers access your goods and services at this time. If you are a non-essential service, it is still good to keep in touch with your customers and nurture the community you have built thus far. Getting in touch with a digital agency in Miami also helps.

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