Is It Still Important to Invest In Content Marketing?

Content marketing has been king over the course of the last two decades. As the pandemic rolled in and reduced many businesses’ funds, owners and managers have been advised to assess where their priorities lie. There are many forms of advertising, so is taking content marketing out of the equation going to have a significant impact on your business? Is content marketing still needed?

Let’s revisit what makes up content marketing and what its effects are.

Content Marketing Purpose

Marketing traditionally thrives off of wanting to share and sell different products or services. Content marketing is a little different in regards to its objectives though, as it aims to share consistent information that solves people’s problems. The content is created in hopes of attracting an audience of potential clients and irking them into your desired customer actions.

The medium that content comes in comes quite loosely. Articles, letters, videos, infographics, webinars, and more all count as some way of sharing relevant information with people. Many businesses may even be unknowingly creating content already, but it’s better to be intentional and plan out the type of content you want.

Content Marketing Platforms

As mentioned before, content marketing comes in various mediums. There are many different ways to share that content because of its ability to be so versatile. Your next customer may also be on a different site or network online, so hit as many bases as you can. Here are examples of where your business should tend to:

  • Blog. Using a business blog to create articles can help drive traffic directly to your website. Sharing in-depth knowledge about different yet relevant topics on your website is a good way of helping people and providing solutions.
  • Email. Coming up with newsletters to send to your customers’ email addresses can be pretty direct. Research shows a considerable return on investment as emails are just as effective as advertisements, and perhaps even more.
  • Social Media. Social media marketing has many similarities, aligning with content marketing in terms of making a brand better and attracting an audience. Plus, photos, videos, and texts are still considered content in terms of intention.

Content Marketing Effects

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates had emphasized how vital content was and the revenue that it could generate two decades ago. The essay came a little after the time that Microsoft had fully established itself in the market. The whole concept of it is still relevant to this day, considering that content marketing is able to increase one’s conversion rate. It also:

  • Creates Credibility. Because content marketing is geared towards helping people and providing solutions, it shows expertise. That knowledge eventually leads clients to perceive your brand as trustworthy.
  • Helps Visibility. Digital presence is something that content marketing always improves whenever posting something. Whether it’s with regards to your SEO or being on someone’s social media timeline, content marketing can help your business be visible.
  • Betters Loyalty. As your business becomes more trusted and seen online due to content marketing, it builds a better brand reputation. This helps with attracting customers who will be faithful in following your content and company.


To sum it up, content marketing is still very much relevant in today’s age. Many of its platforms are still existing, with users only set to increase in the future. Content is also very efficient even in 2021, so it’s definitely worth investing in.

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