The Process

Affiliate Setup

We'll start with putting together the overall strategy of the campaign, which includes determining goals, identifying target audience, curating pitches, content and more.

Outreach Strategy

Once we've identified the influencers that we will be targeting  for the campaign, our team will reach out with custom offers.

Content Coordination

After selecting the right influencers, we'll help you write scripts and create content for the influencers to post, as well as develop a sales proposition.

Influencer Marketing that grows brands

Our approach to influencer marketing focuses on getting your brand quality partnerships with influencers that have influence over your target audience. We help brands engage their audience through influencer marketing campaigns that grow brands' awareness, authority and sales while making an impact.

The average ROI for influencer marketing campaigns is $5.20 for every $1 spent.

Source – Influencer Marketing Hub

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