B2B PR is necessary for achieving various goals. Public relations helps in all business activities, from expanding your audience and network to launching a product and increasing sales. B2B PR matters because in business, reputation matters. Clients will want to research your brand before anything, and if they think you’re not a good fit, they will move on. 

Before you can succeed in PR, the first thing you should do is build a strong brand. A potential client should see plenty of positive press hits, great reviews, and other evidence that you are an authoritative and established member of your industry. Here are things to keep in mind when building a brand for a B2B company.

Highlight Stories, Not Products

A popular concept in sales is that people do not buy features; they buy benefits. No matter how innovative or cutting-edge your product, it won’t convert a customer unless they understand how it will benefit them. Turn strangers into advocates by highlighting your story. 

How are your origins relatable, and what are your values? Are you living them out? What information do you have that your target audience must know? People buy from those they trust—gain your prospects’ confidence by showing how you are like them.

Show Your Authoritativeness

Lean into content marketing through thought leadership. When you share your expertise, knowledge, and informed opinions, you will find it easier to demonstrate your authoritativeness. For example, a CMO at a SaaS company can speak about B2B marketing, marketing software after a pandemic, or even marketing to tech-savvy executives.

Also, if you’re developing several articles geared for thought leadership, your posts need to come from a single person (or a group, depending on the size of the campaign). Since you’re developing your brand’s authority, your posts will look more authoritative if the article’s source is someone with experience in what they’re writing.

Participate and Engage

It is easier to participate in social audio, virtual conferences, live streams, and other events that foster conversations in an industry. Companies often post announcements of virtual events on LinkedIn, Twitter Spaces, and other social media platforms. Engaging authentically on these calls will build your brand—you might even make an instant connection or two!

Find B2B PR Angles in Your Content

Your content is an excellent source of B2B PR angles. Find posts that reflect what your brand is and who you serve. For example, a newsletter highlighting a significant change that brought benefits to your target market—improved quality of life, removing an obstacle—will be an excellent subject for an article. You do not need to start from scratch; you have potential topics on your website. Past posts could also be a source of fresh angles, especially if there have been relevant updates since you published.

Cultivate Your Community 

B2B PR is about building credibility, so investing in your community is crucial. Whether you’re connecting with your neighborhood, your niche, or your industry as a whole, you need to put in the effort and become visible to your target audience and peers. Sharing your knowledge helps you build your credibility. 

Living out your brand values also matters—if you advocate sustainability, you should also have eco-friendly practices in the office. You want to show that you mean what you say and that your company lives out its values.


Business to business public relations is a crucial aspect of branding. Establishing your reputation, expanding your reach into new geographic regions, and tapping into new markets involves creating warm, positive connections with others. Using PR in B2B will cultivate goodwill and bolster people’s impressions of your brand.

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