No matter what your blog is about, one of the best ways to monetize the content you worked so hard to create is through affiliates. This gives you access to what is known as affiliate income, a passive way to make money. However, getting started with this strategy can take some time to set up, not to mention pose a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. 

Fortunately for you, we are here today to share precisely how you can maximize your affiliate income, all by picking the right affiliate marketing partner!

1. Find a partner that fits your audience

First things first, your task is to try and identify a partner that fits your audience. For example, if your content revolves around gaming, focus on affiliate programs related to the topic, such as selling games, gaming accessories, and more. If your content revolves more around food, then look for affiliate programs that sell food items, equipment, and more.

In other words, your partner should be doing something that supports what you are writing about in your blog. You wouldn’t want a partner that focuses on cars when your blog is all about food. This can create a conflict that benefits none of you.

2. Check their term and payout schedules

Once you’ve identified a partner to work with, now’s the time to look through the programs they have to offer. Here, you will be looking for their terms and payout schedules. Some programs will offer better rates at the cost of a schedule that you may not like, and vice versa.

To know which term and payout schedules, running an AB test works well. This way, you can test different programs to see which one works best with your audience, and pick the ones that show better results while working for you!

3. Know how much they will pay you

Apart from their terms and payout schedule, it is also vital that you know how much your affiliate partners will pay you. There are many ways that you can get paid from them, whether it be from CPA (cost per action) or from CPC (cost per click). Along with knowing how much you are getting paid, you too should understand how your audience interacts with your blog. For example, CPA will work better for you if you find more people to be interactive with your links.

Along with that, also ensure that they pay for traffic that comes from your website. Note that some affiliate partners will only work in specific locations, making sure that they also fit your geography.


By following the tips above, you won’t only be able to discover the right affiliate for the job but maximize the passive earnings you can make from the partnership. That said, be patient when looking for affiliate partners for your blog. There’s plenty to pick from, and carefully screening through the options will help you finally nail down the right partner that will benefit you the most. If you find any trouble looking for an affiliate, feel free to use an affiliate network to help. This way, you can gain access to multiple affiliate programs at once, giving you all the options you need to make the right decision.

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