When we talk about affiliate marketing, it may immediately conjure an image of a marketer promoting another business’s product or service to earn a commission. However, there’s more to affiliate marketing than you might expect. It takes having the right skills, quality attributes, and the utmost dedication and commitment to have a successful one. Most importantly, you must know how to get started and proceed with your affiliate marketing process.

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In this article, we will share our beginner’s guide on how to kick off your affiliate marketing:

1. Join an affiliate program

If you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer, the best way to start is to sign up for an affiliate program. There are a handful of programs in the market, such as the Amazon Associates or HubSpot Affiliate Program. By doing so, you’ll get an affiliate link containing a unique ID that you can link to your content. What’s good about these programs is that they initially do not have an upfront cost. You’ll only have to spend once you begin doing the actual work, such as running ads.

2. Pick a digital platform

Now that you’ve signed up for an affiliate program, you can get started with your affiliate marketing. The initial step to take is to choose a digital platform, such as business websites (WordPress or a guest blog) and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube). You just have to factor in your client’s business, the industry it belongs to, and determine what channel is deemed effective for promotion.

3. Build your audience

Once you’ve dealt with a particular client and chosen a platform for your affiliate marketing, you can start building your audience. However, you have to do your homework first to see who your target market will be and come up with your client’s buyer persona. From there, you must do all you can to reach out to as many audiences. At the same time, your ultimate goal is to get quality consumers who will eventually patronize your client’s business.

4. Select products to market

While building a strong following, you can go ahead and choose a particular product you want to promote. This is where you can get creative and be highly critical. First, take advantage of how your chosen channel will help promote the products, such as posting ads on Facebook. Second, utilize various digital marketing forms such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), or content marketing on blogs in promoting the products.

5. Track your performance

As you market your products, be sure to monitor your performance to see if you’re taking the right steps with your affiliate marketing. For instance, you can track your click-through rate (CTR), sales conversion, lead generation, customer engagement, and other key metrics to help you determine if you need to adjust your marketing strategies. Ultimately, your goal is to yield positive results for your client’s business!

6. Earn the fruits of your labor

At this juncture, you may be doing the right thing with your affiliate marketing, and you deserve to get paid for what you’re working for. However, be clear and transparent with the terms and conditions of your commission. In the end, you must ensure robust marketing for your client and get fairly paid for your work!


At this point, you now know how to start with your affiliate marketing. All it takes is to join an affiliate program, pick a digital platform, build your audience, select products to market, track your performance, and earn the fruits of your labor. With all these key steps, you’ll be able to set your affiliate marketing pursuit on the right footing and hopefully thrive in the long run!

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