The word “content” often makes people think of videos on different platforms like YouTube or Facebook or of articles and blog posts. If you are thinking on a similar line, you would be right since they all can be labeled as content. However, when it comes to content marketing, there is much more to it than merely typing out a few articles to fill your website or posting on social media to gain likes.

Other than understanding the sales funnel, here are three tips you should consider to ensure the success of your business’ content marketing strategy:

1. Create guidelines for your content

In most cases, you will have a team of writers or video creators who are working to reach out to the audience. While having plenty of help is undoubtedly useful, if they do not have a guideline to follow, then the content they come up with will not help achieve any set goals. Some content might be looking to boost sales, while others merely share more information.

For this reason, you must remember to set a direction for your content. If you want to boost conversions, create a set of guidelines based on content that is known to be effective, and make sure everyone follows that guideline.

2. Understand the effectiveness of your content

While you must pump out quality content that provides factual information, what is more essential is that it interests your readers. You do this by carrying out different types of tests to understand your audience’s preferences and interests. While you can ask your audience what they like, you can also see how they interact with your content.

In other words, you must understand how well your content is doing. For instance, you should be looking at which type of content is receiving the most clicks and where the users are going after seeing it. From these patterns, you can carefully adjust how you share your content to improve certain aspects, such as conversions.

3. Think about convertible content

While you might already be creating different types of content for different channels, consider creating pieces that can be transformed and converted for different uses. In other words, create content that can be repurposed.

For example, if you have created content for social media, consider repurposing that for your blogs, or even for use when you guest-blog on other people’s websites. Doing this allows you to create plenty of “new” content without making unique ones. On top of that, if paired with tools like the share button, you can easily share the content available on your website in different forms, such as a tweet to attract people to come and read what you have offered. Not only does this mean more people are aware of your brand, but you also grow into a thought leader within your niche.


At this point, you are well on your way to creating a successful content marketing strategy. No matter what goals you have, whether that is to improve sales or increase conversions, all of that can be achieved when you know how to cater to your content for that specific purpose.

If you are having trouble setting up a content marketing strategy, consider working with a reliable digital marketing agency. With their help, not only do you not have to bother about creating content, but they will also give you new insights as to how they can bring your content marketing to a whole new level.

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