SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing is a type of marketing that aims to promote subscription-based services. Unlike physical products, this tactic is ideal if your business prioritizes proving to your customers and prospects that your service is worth the monthly fee. 

Putting out the same message across multiple channels and hoping one of them works is a surefire way to waste your investment in marketing and advertising. Avoid this by coming up with a well-thought-of SaaS marketing strategy and choosing the right channel carefully to reach your target audience. 

What Are the Common SaaS Marketing Channels?

Many SaaS businesses use various channels to reach and interact with their customers. Whether you are trying to come up with the right marketing solution or seeking out new strategies, you should try to run campaigns on the main channels to determine which ones produce the most satisfying results. 

Some marketing channels you can try are app marketplaces, display ads, paid social media, paid search, organic search, and organic social. Explore each one and analyze how they work for your business so you can make a more informed decision about the marketing channel that you will use. You can also partner with a reputable SaaS marketing company to increase your chances of running a successful marketing campaign.

How Do I Determine the Return on Investment of My Marketing Channels?

SaaS marketing channels are an investment. Their use will require lots of time, effort, and money, so you should figure out the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across various channels and calculate your marketing ROI. 

To do this, understand the amount you’re spending and gaining from each channel by tracking all resources you are putting and the contacts, leads, and customers you’re acquiring.  Use software or create a massive spreadsheet to monitor all of this channel-by-channel data. You should also ensure that your marketing and sales details are combined into a single platform to determine which channels are bringing in the most leads and paying customers.

Work with a reliable SaaS marketing agency to track the data and understand the marketing metrics, such as cost-per-click, click-through rate, cost per thousand impressions, and return on ad spend. Lastly, calculate your investment in advertising spend, time, and resources.

How Can I Use Data to Pick the Right SaaS Marketing Channel for My Business?

Before choosing the best marketing channel, having baseline expectations and clear and specific goals is a must. After exploring these various channels, review the results, including inputs and outcomes. Figure out where you are pulling in your best leads and determine any patterns that could help you predict future buying behavior. 

The results will provide you with data that can help you discover which channels are bringing in profitable customers and which ones are low-performing. This will help you make decisions about where and how to proceed and create a more profitable marketing program.


The SaaS marketing channel you utilize for your business impacts your long-term success. To choose the right ones that work best for you and prevent throwing your money down the drain, follow the tips mentioned in this guide and work with a full-service digital agency in Miami like ours to help you reach your target market and meet your business goals.

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