The pandemic has brought about a real struggle within the small business community. Facebook statistics show that an average of 31% of small brand owners say that their business is currently non-operational because of the global health crisis. And while there are plenty of hardships that come with it, businesses can survive through the power of digital marketing.

Growing with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new way of reaching people through a medium that has become the number one source of entertainment and information. 

While making the transition from paying for billboards to paying for online ads may not feel the same, perhaps not as gratifying, but it will drive more people into giving you their time of day. Marketing goes where the people go, and right now, they’re all online.

How Your Small Business Can Succeed Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can encompass all platforms where people can be found. This includes websites and social media platforms. To succeed, you need to leverage both.

Website Development and SEO

Websites can establish online legitimacy for any. To make a website, you need a website domain, website hosting, and CMS system. If you don’t know how to make a website from scratch, you can always outsource the work. 

Creating a website is only half the battle when it comes to creating a presence on the internet. Maintaining and updating it regularly is essential. You also need the best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This often-overlooked step is crucial to building a brand name at the very beginning. 

SEO is the practice of using keywords and methods to rank on the first page of Google. The higher you are in the first ten pages of the search, the more likely you will be noticed. There are many SEO Specialists in digital marketing whose role is working towards that goal.

Social Media Management

Unlike websites, social media will establish your approachability as a brand every client or customer can reach. Every business has a social media platform, one often more active than the other. Most brands like to have their presence on Facebook, which has a general demographic. Twitter and Instagram are also commonly used.

Social media is the face of the company, while the website is the backbone. Everything is constantly updating on social media, so you need to keep posting in real time. 

Daily posts and interactions are crucial for boosting engagement and shareability. This is quite unlike the rest of a website, where the copy doesn’t have to change often. Posting is effective when done once or twice a week. 

While Social Media Management falls under SEO, it deserves special mention because of the amount of work needed. Social media managers can create effective content strategies.


Small business owners need to keep up with the times as things transition to online platforms. To find growing success on the internet, these digital marketing tips can help you. And the best way to leverage the power of Digital Marketing is to work with experts in the field.

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