All businesses have the same goal: to earn capital by selling their products and services. Many create websites to help them achieve this goal—but the purpose of creating a website differs for each entity! Some invest in websites to make an eCommerce site; others build websites to increase their engagement or brand awareness, and some others simply want a lead generation platform.

If your intention is the latter, this article will tell you the characteristics that a good lead generating website should have.

What Makes a Website a Successful Lead Generation Site:

1. It focuses on giving consumers a smooth, easy, and productive experience

Some companies prioritize how their website should look above all things. Although website design is indeed important, it should not be the only priority for a lead generation site! If your goal is to increase your number of leads, you should tease them with an excellent experience alongside your exceptional visuals. 

Growing the number of leads and nurturing your already existing customers will help you improve your business’ online statistics—and it is not something you can do by just focusing on your site’s appearance. You need to pull people in and keep them coming back. You need to understand their intention for visiting your site, their interests, and how to keep them engaged. 

To make it work, your website should have a clear customer journey direction, with a clear start and endpoint. Instead of hard-selling content, you should focus on keeping them interested in what you do or what you offer. Go through your website in these consumers’ shoes and see how else you can improve your site interaction. 

2. Its design acts as a sales funnel

A site can be a useful lead-generating site if it considers the sales funnel in its offered online consumer journey. Let each click on every page act as your different stages!

For example, the home page is the first page they see when they visit your site. The first interaction could represent them being in stage one of the sales funnel. When they get to stage two, they are considered warm prospects. If you successfully provide them with what they need, and they move forward to your site’s succeeding pages, then they are also progressing towards the funnel. 

Keep this in mind when designing your website. Ensure that there is something that will keep them digging all the pages on your site until you lead them to where you want them to be.

3. It considers the consumer journey through its content

A website is an excellent medium for increasing your leads as it can be integrated with other lead generation tactics and software. However, all these different efforts will only be useful if you know where your customers are in their sales funnel journey!

Consider their journey when producing your content, especially those customized efforts like email marketing and eGuides. Releasing heavy content when they are just warming up with the brand can be too overwhelming or a turn off-move for them.


Now that you know what makes a website successful in terms of lead generation, you can finally apply these guidelines to your site. All you need to do is to find a team that will help you start building your lead generation website. An experienced web design company would know the best practices that you should follow and the elements that will make your site a powerful lead generation platform.

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