Perhaps, you’ve already heard about Instagram live badges. If you’re intrigued by how these special heart badges work on Instagram, this article will help shed light on it.

Here’s a fact: many influencers wish to have a more convenient way to monetize their growing number of followers on Instagram. Fortunately, IG provides an easier way to do that by using live badges.

What Are IG Live Badges?

Badges are basically a monetization feature that lets people “tip” their most favorite content creators as they watch a live video. The concept was made to give fans the chance to express their love and appreciation by buying badges. 

Instagram Live Badges make it easier for content creators to know and discover their most loyal fans. They can see their badge holders and check the details on how many hearts each follower has purchased. As a return, the influencer can give them a shout-out, if desired.

Aside from supporting their favorite influencers, viewers can also make their comments stand out with a visual icon, depending on the number of hearts they bought. Furthermore, they can also unlock some other features, like being included in the creator’s list and having a special heart icon.

The different levels of badges are available based on the number of hearts the viewers are purchasing. You can have a heart for $0.99, buy two for $1.99, or 3 for $4.99.

Creators can see a list of badge holders on their videos for up to 90 days. At the end of the viewers, the badge is displayed with the username and is highlighted based on the number of badges purchased.

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Live Badges?

  • Monetization 

Capitalizing on your influence is one of the top reasons to use IG live badges. As an influencer or content creator, you deserve to get rewarded for the content you’ve created. It’s a great way to earn money from your live videos. 

  • Discovering Your Top Fans

Instagram live badges are not only used for monetization. They are also useful in discovering your top fans while live streaming.

With the help of badges, you can discover more about your viewers, their preferred content, and how many badges they can purchase for you. You can also consider offering some customized features for those who bought a set number of badges or offer them a shout-out to engage with them. You can establish and nourish a great relationship as time goes on.

  • Check and Analyze Your Most ‘Loved’ Content

Another great reason to utilize Instagram live badges is to improve your future content. The number of badges given to you can indicate how much your viewers enjoy, appreciate, and love your content. You may notice that a DIY video gets more badges than other videos you have. Such metrics can be used in planning and strategizing your content in the future.

  • Grow Your Audience and Influence

Monitoring your influence as a creator can sometimes be challenging. But, there are indicators that you can use to improve your content and grow your audience. Live badges can aid you in measuring your success while doing live streaming and make earnings over time.

As you build your audience, you can also have an opportunity to expand your influence and widen your market reach.


Social media marketing nowadays is becoming more competitive. But, there are strategies, such as using live badges, that can help you stand out. It is expected that with the help of such a marketing strategy, more and more influencers will be more inspired to create valuable content.

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