One of the most enduring and results-driven channels for digital marketing is email. Email marketing has been a mainstay service in any reputable full-service digital agency because of its return on investment.

Of course, any successful campaign must have the right components to hit its objectives. For your campaign, there need to be six different types of emails being sent out.

1 – Newsletters

Newsletters are your most basic and most crucial component. These messages are sent out to your customers at predetermined intervals to showcase your brand’s culture and provide your customers with useful information that is valuable and relevant to them.

Although this type of content is scheduled regularly, you need to make sure it is carefully prepared with the right tone that strikes engagement and interest. It should be written in a way that anticipates your audience’s questions and concerns and becomes something they actually look forward to.

2 – Personalized Promotions

Perfect for high-ticket items, this type of massage is customized to each of your customers. You can do this by collecting information from your audience through surveys and taking advantage of the data you have on hand based on their interactions and history with your platform.

You are more likely to get a click if the subscriber finds the email legitimately relevant to their own preferences and needs. This helps you cater to customers, encourage them to engage with your services, and build a brand relationship.

3 – One-Off Notifications

Think of this like the “last minute” texts you get from a friend to let you know about an awesome party you need to get to. Aside from your regularly scheduled emails, you want to have dedicated notifications for any events, time-sensitive offers, and any news-worthy changes that your subscribers would like to be updated on.

This ensures you are informing all possible channels and providing a nice break from the usual content.

4 – Media Emails

All text and pictures make your email campaign repetitive, even if it’s something your subscribers are used to. Sprinkle some engagement in there by adding video every now and then. This doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to have a complete overhaul for all your future correspondence, but it does provide an avenue for your brand to get more creative with its messaging.

Just make sure you’re not posting anything too large for browsers or too long to be played in email. On top of this, mobile optimization would be crucial.

5 – Transactional Emails

Any actions that subscribers take with your platform should result in an automated email acknowledging it. For example, signing up to your list, checking out an order, and sending a payment should all have their own email responses to confirm the transaction.

Although transactional messages are essential to your ongoing business and customer relations, they can also be optimized to contribute to your marketing goals. This can be done by adding a call to action to encourage subscribers to return to your website and continue their relationship with your brand.

6 – Re-Engagement Emails

It is inevitable that not every subscriber will engage with your platform the same way. This is why you should also have an email message in place to re-engage with inactive users.

When preparing these emails, you should stick to the same tone and content that you use for your newsletter, but try to make these communications more direct and personalized. Get their attention and remind them why they subscribed in the first place.

Checking the Right Inboxes

When you work with a full-service digital agency, it’s important not to sweep email aside. With the right strategy, you’ll have a lot of power with your target audience.

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