5 Industries Marketing

Effective outreach is the only way to build a connection with your prospects, engage them meaningfully, build your brand presence, and skyrocket your sales. The key benefit of tapping into the authority of communities and influencers is clear: they spread the word for your brand or content to a wider audience.

However, unless you are a charismatic speaker or have a broad network, finding and convincing these influencers can be tricky. Remember, real appreciation comes from people – not websites. And these people, with a vast audience base or followers, have a strong influence in the industry. Effectively communicating with them can help establish your brand as an authority in the market, and broaden your reach.

To help you hone the skills of effective outreach marketing, we have outlined strategies for five different industries. Get some food for thought here:

1) Automotive

The automotive industry is highly competitive today. To make your brand heard through all the noise, it is important to have a powerful outreach strategy in place. We have shared some valuable inputs for your auto business here:

a) Target the Best Social Network to Share Auto Content: Facebook remains to be the most popular social networking platform to share auto

content. High-engagement sites like Top Gear or Motor Authority have an average of 97% of social shares, while mid-to-low engagement websites like Cars.com or Autotrader enjoy 85% of average shares on Facebook.

b) Email Newsletters Can Work Wonders: A new launch ahead? Offering great discounts on major auto parts? Want to share a few of your CSR initiatives? Nothing can beat the reach and engagement level of email newsletters.

c) Target at the Right Time: Studies suggest that Wednesday is the best day to share automotive-related content, while weekends are mostly dull.

d) Link to Thought Leaders in the Auto Industry: Find out who are the most authoritative sites or influencers in the automotive space. Connect and keep them engaged with insightful conversations and information-rich content. This will help position your brand in their minds.

2) Business

Whether you are a B2B company, a startup or large-scale enterprise, the following outreach strategies can be most effective:

a) Spread Your Content across Powerful Social Media Platforms: When it comes to sharing business content, which has a niche audience, Facebook and LinkedIn are two powerful platforms you can utilize to maximize your reach.

b) AMAs and Business Communities: To reach out to industry influencers and build your brand presence, platforms like business communities, forums and Ask Me Anything work in an effective manner. Engage in meaningful conversations and answer dedicatedly.

c) Back up Your Business Content with Facts: Business consumers and influencers love content that is information-rich and backed by statistics, infographics, and research studies.

d) Target Tuesday to Publish Business Content: For high engagement rate and most social shares, consider publishing your business content on Tuesday or Thursday, which suggests a report published by Fractl and BuzzStream.

3) Entertainment

If you are in the entertainment industry and want to create an impactful brand presence, outreach marketing strategies mentioned here can help broaden your audience set, keep them engaged, and increase your sales.

a) The Power of Social Media: When it comes to sharing engaging entertainment content and create an impact, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the key platforms you can leverage.

b) Automate Your Outreach Process: Reaching a prospect in the entertainment industry can take 6-8 attempts and most marketers give up here. That is because outreach marketing is a complex and time-consuming

process. However, using tools like BuzzStream, Autoklose, or Octoly can help automate the process and help you target better.

c) Weekdays are Ideal to Reach More Audience: A striking fact the study by BuzzStream and Fractl revealed is Wednesday is the best day to reach more audiences and increase social shares by 19-27%. This is most unlikely because people tend to spend more time-consuming entertainment on weekends.

4) Technology

With technology trends changing at a rapid pace, it is important to keep updated and engage your audience with content that is most relevant to them. Keeping abreast of the latest technology trends and improving your products and services likewise will help broaden your reach and attract more influencers to spread the word.

a) Share Technology Content on Social Networks & Forums: Facebook and LinkedIn lead other social media platforms in driving more social shares. There are also several technology forums and communities where you can join and share valuable insights that can influence people to follow you.

b) Target Audience on Tuesday & Wednesday to Drive More Engagement: Studies suggest that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to attract technology consumers.

5) Health

With the healthcare industry growing at a rapid pace, the competition is getting tougher. To cut through the clutter, effective outreach strategies can help.

a) Email Newsletters with Catchy Headlines Can Help: To broaden your reach in the healthcare industry, emails are most effective. It is the best way to stay empathetic, showcase your products or services in a subtle way, stay updated with consumer demands, and create a strong brand impression. Make sure you choose your outreach list in an effective manner and target them with your emails.

b) Target Social Media: Facebook continues to be the best platform to share healthcare-related content and target a wide audience base. On this platform, you may not only connect to industry authorities and influencers but can also share valuable insights that can improve your level of engagement.

c) Participate in Health Forums: The key to effective outreach marketing is to make your presence felt – by influencers as well as end consumers. And regularly participating in authority health communities and forums is the best way to build a strong impression.


The above tips and recommendations will help you understand the key areas to focus on an effective outreach marketing strategy. Whatever be your industry, taking a definitive approach to boost your engagement level through smart content

management, cross-platform targeting, and backlinking can help establish your brand as an authority. This can go a long way in generating more leads and increasing conversions.

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