Outreach Dental Marketing

Reaching your prospective dental patients and getting them to choose your practice is harder than ever before. The competition is tough and cutting through this clutter can be challenging. Building trust through effective marketing is just the beginning. They still do not rely completely on what YOU say about your dental practice. To raise awareness and generate more patient leads, leverage the influence and authority of opinion leaders in your industry. 

However, success depends on how efficiently you reach the thought leaders, build a strong level of engagement & communication with them, and establish your dental practice in their minds. Therefore, we have outlined the best outreach marketing ideas for your dental business. Let’s get started:    

1. Promote Engaging Content on Facebook through Local Targeting

Why local? As a dental practice, most of your potential patients are local. They are constantly browsing the web to find the “best dentist near me” for all their dental problems. In this scenario, only a local outreach approach can help build more awareness for your dental practice and generate more targeted leads. And nothing’s better than Facebook to promote your practice locally. 

Facebook, with 2.45 billion active users globally, is the largest and most powerful social media network today. It is a great platform to create a strong brand impression, engage with your audience and industry influencers, and broaden your reach. Start this by creating a business page for your dental practice. Regularly post engaging content highlighting different pain points with regard to dental problems. Information-rich content that provides value to people will automatically engage better, raising your brand awareness. You can also boost the readability of these posts using Facebook paid advertising.           

In paid ads, you can choose who you want your ads to reach? For instance, if your practicing dentistry in Los Angeles, you can set your audience for Los Angeles only (see the below image). Instead of selecting “Everyone in this location,” click the option “Include” and add a specific location. If required, you can also add locations in bulk using the “Browse” option.  

Location targeting on Facebook using highly engaging, fresh and unique content is the best way to build connections with thought leaders and inspire them to spread the word for your practice.  

2. Are People Finding Your Dental Practice on Google? Improve Your Search Engine Rankings 

Did you know the first five organic search engine results account for an average of 67.60% of all the clicks? That is because Internet users automatically attach a sense of trust and authority to websites that rank top on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). 

Therefore, improving search engine visibility of your dental practice can be a powerful outreach strategy. Higher website rankings on Google are often the result of effective optimization tactics, authority backlinks, excellent reviews & ratings, and outstanding content – one of the most important elements that persuade industry leaders and influencers.     

In addition to on-page SEO techniques, off-page strategies like article submissions, blog posting, and social media marketing can help establish a powerful brand image. 

3. Get Patient Reviews & Ratings  

Outreach marketing is based on the strategy of building trust and responsibility. And genuine patient reviews are the biggest assets of a trustworthy & successful dental practice. Influencers and thought leaders in the dental practice will only like to promote a brand that is reliable, provides quality services, and has a sense of responsibility. And getting positive reviews for your dental practice can help assert this behavior.   

Yelp is a popular business directory and crowd-sourced review forum, where you can get your dental practice registered to get genuine patient reviews. Having customer reviews on Yelp also indicates your business transparency. All reviews do not need to be positive; a few exceptions will not mar your dental business. 

You can also request your best patients to review your services on other platforms such as Facebook, further strengthening your excellence and brand image.  

4. Join Dental Forums & Communities   

Dental problems are eternal, right from the existence of humanity. It is one of the most talked-about topics globally. There are numerous forums and communities, with many having successful industry leaders, discussing dental problems and trying to provide remedial solutions. Conversations in a thread can be as long as 100 at times. 

These are powerful platforms to broaden your outreach, engage with your audience, and establish your service excellence with insightful data, solutions, and conversations that add value. Join conversations of dental practice leaders, ask questions, and also provide your inputs. The more you engage meaningfully, it will help build a connection and bring your brand into the limelight. They will consider you someone to be trustworthy, efficient, and experience. 

And eventually, they can also start referring your dental practice to their network.     

5. Foster Relationships 

Improved business outreach is based on the concept of fostering quality relationships and providing value. Being in the dental practice, how you can do this? Here are some fantastic ideas:

  • Start contests: You can start something interesting & fun with your dental patients, such as the “Best Smiles” contest. To participate in it, your patients have to leave a review of your dental service and send their best-smiling pictures. Lucky winners can get a free dental cleaning in your clinic.
  • Set up photo booths: Consider setting up a photo booth in your dental clinic. Post dental appointment, encourage your patients to click a photo with their beautiful, whiter smile. They can then share these photos on social media. 
  • Create an app: To build effective relationships and provide a seamless experience to your patients, you can invest in building an app. It can be used for scheduling appointments, reading expert blogs & tips, learning about dental hygiene care, etc.

Get creative with your dental practice and heighten the level of engagement with your audiences. This will help build your dominance in the industry, establishing as an authority dental practice that others will love to talk about.          

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