If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, the chances are that you have run into some common fails or pitfalls that are restricting your organization or business from reaching its goals. This is mostly due to lack of proper experience, but it also has to do with mishandling certain features. Likewise, what adds to this is failing to troubleshoot the promotion effectively.

This guide will help you understand the common mistakes that many organizations and businesses commit when it comes to running crowdfunding campaigns. We will also be looking at correcting these mistakes effectively or avoiding them entirely. This guide is designed to help you run a successful campaign that will greatly impact your chosen cause for the better.

Common Crowdfunding Fails:

If you are currently running a campaign, these are the common pitfalls that you need to take note of to determine what needs to be corrected:

  1. Lack of publicity: One of the most common reasons crowdfunding promotions fail is that not everyone heard about it. Publicity on sites beyond GoFundMe.com and Kickstarter is what adds crucial engagement to the campaign. Social media hype and other online spaces should also do the trick to get everyone involved. You may want to consider running a PPC if you are crowdfunding for a more long-term cause.
  2. Lack of proper utilization of tools: A similar situation to the previous point is that there is a lack of useful tools to run a successful promotion. For instance, you may have not considered going into email marketing, which is a more effective approach for targeting key corporations to join your cause. Before running any crowdfunding campaign, always learn about the different online and offline tools to diversify your approach and better reach your goals.
  3. Improper crowd targeting: Visualizing the right crowd for your campaign is the key to meeting your goals for the cause. However, you may have overshot the target audience by either misinterpreting their perspectives on the cause or having an overgeneralized description about your target audience. Keep your targeting comprehensive and specific to make sure that there is good engagement surrounding your promotion.
  4. Ineffective content posted: It’s not enough to merely have a compelling cause behind your crowdfunding campaign because you also need to communicate your goals and motivations effectively to your audience. Inaccurate facts and bland content will lead to a failure. This is essentially why you should take time to work with a creative and competent digital marketing agency to come up with a truly engaging campaign.

Tips in Correcting Common Crowdfunding Fails

Now that you know about the common pitfalls, take note of the following tips to fix your crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Fact check the requirements for sourcing funds online: Since there are many moving parts when it comes to publishing a crowdfunding promotion, learn about each in detail. Doing so will help you go beyond the basic requirements needed. If you have any doubts, do your research on different previous promotions on the platform, and compare and refine your campaign based on the gathered data.
  2. Come up with truly fulfilling rewards: Giving is indeed better than receiving. Yet, that doesn’t mean that your supporters or backers for your crowdfunding campaign don’t want to receive rewards that are basic or bland. Personalize the rewards by getting the benefactors involved. Send out compelling thank you notes or videos, and this will make your crowdfunding promotion a fulfilling one to join.
  3. Partner with an experienced digital marketing agency: Whether you are new to crowdfunding campaigns or have already run a couple before, you need to safeguard your efforts with the help of professionals. Consult with an experienced digital marketing agency that has knowledge about crowdfunding campaigns so that your efforts are maximized and meeting your goals for the cause is more viable.


At this point, you now know several mistakes to avoid and tips to consider when running a crowdfunding campaign. With all the previously mentioned tips and tricks, plus the added assistance from a professional agency, you will be able to run successful promotions by achieving your business goals!

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