No matter what the size of a company is, there’s always a need to be cost-efficient. This includes making certain cuts. The industry of public relations, or PR, isn’t necessarily something that finance leaders understand. This is why B2B marketers end up having to continuously define what makes PR valuable. Hand-in-hand with that is showcasing exactly what responsibility a Miami PR agency takes on.

At the end of every quarter, a report has to be filed about marketing spent on improvement and/or a return on investment. This can be rather concerning if progress doesn’t seem to be where you’d like it to be. Chances are, there are errors happening, but fret not. Even veterans misstep sometimes.

What Are Common Mistakes That Can Prevent Getting ROI From PR?

  1. SEO and visibility aren’t being utilized

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial to any PR campaign. A very high premium should be put on fighting to be on the first page of Google search results. It’s key to have press releases optimized and look into proper amplification.

  1. The brand does not have credibility building up

A good way to explain this is through an example. What if you recently moved, and you need to find a brand-new laundromat? In what way can you find a reliable recommendation given that you don’t know anyone there? The internet, of course, through searching Google or visiting websites like Yelp. That way, reviews can be perused, and you can get details from verified users. It allows for a pretty good way to see that the service or business has solid credibility.

The question any PR firm would ask is this: is your brand actually building credibility in the first place? If it is, has that been properly showcased to the public? Aside from sharing what advantages you have that make you a contender amongst your competition, you need to back that up credibly.

Look into the following steps:

  • Ask for feedback from your clients or consumers
  • Create a landing page with testimonials
  • Have your business show up on “top 10” lists in industry-related articles
  1. There’s no connection to consumers and/or the community

Sometimes, the issue isn’t actually the PR spin. In those cases, the experience of the consumer is likely where the issue lies. Whether B2B, B2C, or D2C are involved, it’s still the same bottom line: customer loyalty and attention are key. See if your followers are able to get these from what your brand has out there so far:

  • Advice that’s valuable and free from your social media
  • Connection through mediums like Instagram Live or Clubhouse
  • Free upgrades or free samples as they look into your product or service


Public relations, or PR, is a crucial part of any business. However, this is something that finance leaders don’t usually see value in right away. In order to have a good ROI to report back, it’s key to avoid making common errors. Some of these are credibility not building up, SEO not being utilized, and no connection with the community.

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