Case Study



How we used a combination of Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing to increase the awareness and sales of HelloBonsai – a freelance software.

Targeting Strategy

The targeting used for HelloBonsai’s campaigns involved a more complex strategy than most regular campaigns. 

We purchased emails of freelancers from a data company. We than proceeded to target a lookalike audience from our database. 

The results we’re stellar.

Content Marketing

Producing blog content as well as content distribution is key to raising awareness. 

We partnered with dozens of ‘Freelance related’ websites and blogs in order to increase the exposure of HelloBonsai in front of a relevant audience. 

Affiliate Marketing

We launched an outreach campaign to blog owners, and pitched our program where writers would receive a 25% commision for every sale made from their article. 

We would track this with a refferal link from our affiliate software.