Case Study


Fredi Camera

How we used Social Media Marketing to 6x their sales.


With the powerful, relevant targeting used, we we’re able to hold succesful campaigns for Fredi Camera – a security camera company.

We used a combination of Social Media Marketing, as well as Re-targeting to 6x their sales

The Details of the ad.

One of the most succesful campaigns ran for Fredi Camera involved their Baby Monitor. 

Targeting new parents (Female) of infants age 0-3, narrrowed the targeting for those parents to have expressed in safety concerns, and finally we targeted wealthy area codes – since the monitor was pricy. 

Lastly, we watched the sales soar.

Creativity is key.

Without a visually, well crafted Ad, targeting is useless.

Our Creative Social Media Specialists we’re able to combine scroll-stopping visuals, beautiful design, and great copy.


We installed a pixel code onto the Fredi Camera website which gave us the ability to target website visitors on their Social Platforms, and increase the CPA.

Re-targeting has become one of the most effective forms of Social Media Marketing. Targeting an audience that have shown interest in your product is how we made sure Fredi Camera never missed a lead.