Case Study

How we help Exotic Car Rental Companies With Digital Marketing.

This is a case study of our campaign for Cloud 9 Exotics – an Exotic Car Rental company based out of New York.

Step 1: PPC advertising

The First step of our Strategy was advertising on Google for Searches to the likes of “Luxury Car Rentals in New York” and many more keyphrases alike. 

The cost per lead was as low as $18! 

Here is the ad we ran for Cloud 9 Exotics. (First Result)

Step 2: Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Team Created a Template which was able to target an audience with High Interest in Renting Exotic Cars. 

Lots of research has gone in Crafting the right Targeting for this Ad.

Step 3: Retargeting

Retargeting gives us the ability to target previous website visitors through Social Media. 

This gives us the ability to turn people “Just Looking around” Into Customers.