Branding is crucial for every business and is one of the most important things to consider when starting a business. It should be at the forefront of your mind, and you should always be thinking about ways to implement your branding into the various areas of your business.

Having a solid and coherent brand creates a strong visual image for a company and helps them stand out from other competitors. There are many different ways branding can help a company grow, and if done correctly, it can help you get noticed by more people who will potentially buy from you.

That said, many components make up a strong brand, and visual identity is one of them.

What Is Visual Identity?

A visual identity is a branding concept in which the company’s name, brand, and logos are all integrated through images. It’s everything the consumer sees and relates to your company, so your brand’s visual identity isn’t limited to your logo and advertisements but includes storefronts, uniforms, etc. 

Additionally, visual identity is not just about aesthetics. It’s also about how your brand communicates with the market and how consumers can understand it through various channels such as retail packaging or advertisements. 

An excellent example of a company’s successful visual identity is Apple’s iconic apple logo that defines its image as a purveyor of technology innovation and design excellence with clean lines and simplistic colors.

What Are the Elements of Visual Identity?

Visual identity is essentially your means of communicating with the public through optical elements. Like putting words together to create meaning, visual identity requires several parts to appear cohesive and eye-catching. Here are some details you can use for your visual identity. 


In the context of visual identity, graphics are an image or a combination of images that convey a message or idea. These graphics can be drawn traditionally or designed.

Perfect examples of graphics in terms of visual identity include Apple’s bitten apple logo as well as a Lego brick. Seeing either of these graphics instantly informs the consumer about what brand they’re purchasing. 

Affiliate marketing agencies like Krafted Digital typically offer both graphic design and visual identity services. If you choose to work with one, you can expect a much more attractive, individualistic design that represents your brand well.


Typography is the art and design of arranging type, letterforms, and symbols to form readable words, sentences, and paragraphs. It’s an integral part of graphic design since it can help set the tone and mood for your brand.

Fonts in typography also allow your brand to communicate information, feelings, or things that need to be shown clearly to readers. 

If you don’t have much experience with typography, it would be best to hire the services of a full-service digital agency. Their designers can study your brand and create wordmark logos, headlines, and body copy fonts that are readable and memorable. 

Brand Palette

Colors are another element that makes up your visual identity. The palette that you come up with will apply to all matters related to your brand, not just your logo. So, you can expect it to be used on products, websites, and even advertisements. 

As a general rule, the brand palette should have no more than five shades at a time. Having too many colors may result in a messy, unattractive visual identity, after all. Additionally, you’ll yield better results if you use specific shades and hues to create a statement and stand out in the process. 

Designers from digital agencies typically use a primary color to act as the main shade for your brand. This primary color will then have support in the form of secondary and tertiary colors. Black and white also work well in creating contrast with the design. 


Your visual identity is one means of communicating with and leaving a mark on the consumers, so it’s best to take your time designing the elements that make up your visual identity. 

Should you have any difficulties in the process, you shouldn’t hesitate to work with full-service digital agencies since they serve to make clients’ lives easier. 

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