One of the most critical aspects of marketing is connection. As a business, you have to connect with your audience and customers regularly in a more personal way. In today’s increasingly more competitive market, you reach the top by getting personal. One of the most effective ways to establish an emotional connection with your customers is through email.

A strong email marketing strategy can help you reach and connect with your customers in ways that other marketing strategies cannot. However, even in your customer’s inbox, there are quite a few things you must contend with. Apart from standing out and providing valuable and entertaining content, you must ensure your emails land in the correct folder.

Your efforts are no use if your emails are going straight to the spam folder. Spam filters use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect unwanted, unsolicited, and virus-infected emails. This prevents those types of emails from even making it into the primary inbox. Once you land in the spam filter, it’s doubtful that your content will even be viewed.

Make sure that your emails reach your audience’s inbox by following these few simple tips!

Manage Your IP Reputation

Email service providers like Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, and more are generally pretty good about protecting their users from spam mail. They have thorough identification tools and software to keep unnecessary and unwanted emails out of the user’s inbox—sometimes too well. You can avoid being sent to the spam folder by managing your IP reputation.

It plays a significant role in ensuring whether or not your emails are delivered well to the audience. Make sure to build up your reputation and maintain it well. If you are sending from a newly created IP address, send your emails out slowly. Send a low volume of emails and increase it over time. This way, you’re less likely to be flagged as suspicious and sent to the spam folder. 

Add a Double Opt-In

Most of the time, people just give away their emails or sign up for newsletters with only half of their attention. It’s more of a reflex or an absent-minded act rather than a conscious decision. One way to ensure that those that signed up for your newsletter are willing and eager to receive your emails is by adding a double opt-in.

Essentially, you are adding an extra step to your subscription process. Of course, this can be a risk. Convenience is the most important thing regarding the internet so that it may turn off some visitors. But on the other hand, you gain a more willing and sure-minded mailing list. This may prove to be more beneficial in the future. 

Ask Your Subscribers to Add You

Now, this next tip builds upon adding that extra step to your subscription process. A double opt-in somehow ensures that your mailing list is sure and has confirmed that they want to receive your newsletters. This is essentially doing the same thing. You can either do this together with the opt-in or separately. Ask your subscribers to add you to their approved contact list.

Similar to the opt-in, there is a chance that some audiences might just opt out of subscribing altogether. However, the same bonus stands—you can be sure that your emails make it into their inbox and that they want to receive them. In the future, this will ensure that your content never gets flagged or sent to spam. 

Create Quality and Value-Packed Content

Lastly, make sure that your content provides value, entertainment, and something useful for the subscribers. You can provide exclusive content, promos, discounts, and instructional content. You have to make it worth their while to subscribe. Your first email to them will be crucial in setting the tone of whether or not they’ll bother to read your future emails. 


Email marketing makes it easier to make things personal. However, you need to be sure that your emails are landing in the audience’s inbox. Avoid spam filters by following these tips and improving your content. While there is no way to avoid spam filters altogether, there are a few things you can do to at least lower your chances of landing in the spam folder. 

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