A crowdfunding campaign is an excellent way of drumming up attention for a cause or a new product, making it a perfect avenue for outreach marketing. Crowdfunding can start slow, attracting more backers over months or even years.

Sometimes, though, companies do not have the luxury of time. If this is the case for you, do not write crowdfunding off; sometimes campaigns generate the money they need within days. Here are some tips to remember when starting a crowdfunding campaign.

Know the path you want to take

Plan out the path you want for your campaign; do not launch it before laying this out. Before you start, decide on which platforms you will use, and have backup platforms and plans if the launch does not pan out in your first choice. Make deadlines and financial goals, have an idea of the audience you want to target for donations, and make your product or service attractive.

Let others know about it

When you need funding quickly, you must use all methods available to spread the word. Going online and using paid ads and blogging is a quick route to reaching people, but remember to speak to people in person. Also, consider newspapers and radio. Though marketers might overlook these in the digital age, they are still great places to advertise.

Use social media for outreach marketing as well; have a robust video marketing plan that uses hashtags wisely. Reach out to influencers or thought leaders who can lend credibility to your product, and send email newsletters to prospective backers.

Make the donation process easy

The donating process should be as painless as possible. Make your message clear; show why you need funds, the minimum amount it will take to carry you to your goal, and what a donation would cover. This takes the guesswork out of decision-making.

Ensure that it is easy to donate. Choose a catchy campaign title for ranking on search engines, use clear and exciting images to capture donors’ attention, and have a strong CTA for donations.

Incentivize people for donating

You can secure more donations by letting potential backers know what is in it for them. Apart from making a difference, people also like scoring great deals. Having a rewards-based crowdfunding scheme is one way of giving you both what you want.

Offer tiers of support that promise certain rewards when you launch the product or meet your goal. Then, do not forget to thank your backers. Send personalized emails or thank you notes, give them shout outs on social media, and give them donor-exclusive perks like limited-edition merchandise or a chance to meet the team.


Using crowdfunding as a way to help you launch a new venture doubles as a marketing strategy. When planning a crowdfunding campaign, be sure that you have your goals in place. Even better, let your prospective backers know what your goals are. Doing this will give them peace of mind that their money is going into a cause that they support.

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