Every marketer wishes to get more people interested in the brand he or she represents. In today’s digital-first world, high website traffic is vital in determining a marketing strategy’s effectivity. If you’re a small business owner or part of a social media agency, the internet is a valuable tool for building brand awareness. Here are things you should do on digital platforms to keep audiences engaged.

Keep Your Site Information Updated

The first thing users see online when they click the link to your social media pages is your profile. A business’ LinkedIn page, Facebook About section, or Instagram bio is a snapshot of your brand. It is the first chance you get to set people’s expectations about what you deliver, so you should have your site URL in this area. Doing this makes it easy for people to find you online and conveys a sense of cohesiveness.

Optimize Your Social Media Pages

Brands’ social media profiles should have keywords relevant to their industry. It is a good SEO practice to keep your social media pages linked to the keywords you want to target. Also, your pages should not be static; they should reflect your company’s energy.

Write And Share Relevant Blog Content

Relevance always wins people over, and if you write useful content with good grammar and SEO, you’ll surely see interest in your brand. Creating excellent blog content does not rest on just telling people what you know. You must optimize blog posts and promote them properly through your social media.

If you want people to see how well you know your industry, don’t just settle for publishing it on your blog. Share the link to the post on your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram! Join groups and communities on these platforms as well, and share your links here, too.

Don’t Hesitate To Use Memes

Memes are highly shareable on social media, and anything entertaining or appealing to the senses drives up the chances of getting more website traffic. Memes let you humanize your brand and connect emotionally with your audience. However, memes have a language all their own, and you have to know the context within which you can use different memes.

Like with anything, experimentation will help you get to a place where meme-making is second nature. As a rule of thumb, though, keep away from sensitive, politically-charged issues. You don’t want your jokes backfiring and landing your brand in hot water!

Embed Social Sharing Tools On Posts

People who read blogs usually share it on their social networks, which increases your reach. If someone shares a link to your blog and their friend clicks on it, you open yourself to even more potential connections and leads. 

Social media agencies will tell you that you should make your posts accessible to others by embedding social sharing tools in them. You can add buttons for different social media platforms so users can choose where they want to put the link.

Focus On Visual Content

On social media, people prefer visually appealing content. Images, GIFs, videos, infographics, animation, and screenshots are highly engaging since they make people stop scrolling. If you only have a block of text in your post, they’re likely to scroll past your update.

Always Communicate With Your Audience

The primary purpose of social media should be engagement. It is a place for you to connect directly with your audience or customers. When you have a good engagement strategy, you’ll always have popular posts. People want to know that brands pay attention to them and their needs, and if you take the time to speak with your customers, you can ensure that you address these.


On social media, you can introduce your products, build relationships with customers, and hold special offers, among many others. If you’re a business owner or social media agency trying to build a brand’s presence online, the tips here should help you hit the ground running. You will not be disappointed!

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