Organic Marketing is becoming more and more of a focus for Businesses and Brands. Why? Because it’s free. Not only that, but Organic Traffic is extremely High-Quality Traffic as well. Here are 7 Tips to Increase your Organic Facebook Traffic. 

Facebook has an algorithm, a very complex one. Knowing how it works will help you in maximizing your Traffic. This article will give you the basic information you need to utilize this algorithm and increase your Organic Traffic.

You can learn more about the Facebook system here.

Let’s dive right in and go through 7 Effective Ways to Boost your Organic Facebook Traffic!

Content is King

Content, Content and more Content. The first step should always be making sure you’re providing value to your current following and audience. 

Many brands flood their following with promotional and sales posts. People don’t like that. Having a promotional post once in a while is not what’s bad, it’s actually necessary. However, you want most of your posts to provide value to your audience.

Here’s an example: If you’re selling kitchen products, instead of mostly trying to direct your customers to your website, try writing blogs to the likes of “Kitchen Utensils everyone needs”. Yes, you can include your own products. 

Articles like this provide value, and although you’re not directly promoting your products, you still are promoting them ‘indirectly’.

According to Facebook’s Algorithm, your post won’t do well if it’s not grabbing engagement. With dropping attention spans, you probably won’t get the attention of most of your following with a sales post. 

Keep on putting out Content. Whether it’s in the form of Blogs, Videos, Ebook’s, Infographics. Content is the essence of your Facebook Traffic and the more relevant it is to your audience, the higher your engagement rates will be and the higher your Traffic will be as well.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories continue to increase in popularity and are not used by many Companies and Brands. 

Here’s a Tip: Whenever you post something on your feed, you can post it on your story. This will allow for anyone who might have missed the post on your feed to check it out. 

You can also Repost Fan Posts on your stories. Which is a great way to create engagement with your fans. And if you are a big brand, you might even incentivize some of your customers to post about you!

The “See First” Setting

Not many people know about the “See First” Setting. Let me introduce you to this sneaky trick that can quickly boost your visibility. 

The average Facebook user follows 89 Pages. This means that some of your followers might not see your post depending on what time they log on. 

There is a quick fix to this problem. 

Tell your followers to activate the “See First” function. All of your followers that activate this feature will see your post at the very top right when they log on. 

Check out this article by Facebook on how to set up this feature.

Facebook Lives

Facebook lives can be spontaneous and more effective than Videos. Facebook Lives allow you to share a moment with your followers behind the edits and production teams. This also translates to building trust with your audience. 

Facebook gives a lot of visibility to this format since it brings so much engagement. 

Here’s a Tip: Before starting a Live, promote it. Promoting your Live around 2 weeks before with a story post here and there will have your audience eager to get on. Thus getting more viewers, engagement, and results. 


Chatbots are becoming more and more popular by the day. They provide a very user-friendly experience to anyone visiting your page. 

Chatbots can also be important to direct prospects to your website or landing page. 

Here is a guide to Facebook Chatbots

Facebook Groups

Facebook recently mentioned it would like to add more visibility to groups. Therefore, now might be the time to think about creating a Facebook group to federate people around a common goal. 

There are multiple perks a Facebook Group can bring to your Brand. Not only can it bring visibility to your company, but it can also facilitate the ability of your audience to communicate together. 

How to find a Group Idea

Make sure your Group is relevant to your product or service. If you manage a Real Estate Investment Company, you can create a group like “Investment Deals in (Area of Operation”. You might get many investors in the area you operate in, and maybe score some deals as well. 

Your Circle of Close Friends

Facebook’s algorithm boosts your posts based on the engagement: Likes, Shares & Comments. The more shares your post gets per view, the more it will get boosted. 

This is where your circle of close friends comes in. 

By sharing your publications, family and friends help develop its visibility. It’s a simple tip that can bring you much traffic. 


Despite the fall in Organic Reach, there are still many ways to bring more traffic and visibility to your Content. Remember, once again, Content is King. Make sure to be consistent in your posts and make sure to engage with your community.

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