More and more small businesses and startups are established every year. Scaling them up is possible using inbound marketing strategies. By garnering your target market’s attention and making it easy for them to find out about you, pulling customers in will be a breeze. Crafting good content and putting it out there will divert traffic, leads, and sales to your new brand, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few ways to help your startup stay a cut above the rest.

Stay Trend Savvy

Being familiar with trends in your industry will help you create timely and relatable content. Any viral topic or breakthrough can be the basis of your next marketing campaign, but make sure it doesn’t look like you’re just riding on a trend. Trends can be a source of your next great outreach marketing idea so pay attention to what’s going on in your industry.

Keep Branding in Mind When Making Your Content

Personalizing the content you release will make sure that even if your content is trendy, potential customers will still be able to trace it back to your business. Every brand has its own unique story, so integrating it into your marketing efforts will make it easier for audiences to recognize you. Have a consistent font, color palette, formatting type that you can share with your content creator, designer, or copywriter so that everything is uniform.

Apply the AIDA model

AIDA is an acronym that stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. This is the process that your brand must inspire in people who would be potential customers.

The first A stands for Awareness. Getting your product or brand’s name out there is the first step. People have to know what you are providing, whether it be products or services, and they have to know how to find you.

The next letter, I, means Interest. Maintaining interest is hard because of the flurry of data that people receive daily but optimizing your content to keep the audience’s attention on relevant information about your product. The more familiar they are with something, the more likely they are to remember it.

The third is Desire. Knowing about the product is one thing, desiring it is the next step. Creating and posting infomercials and testimonials will show your audience that the product is something they actually need to have.

Finally, you have the second A or Action. The previous stages all culminate with the audience committing an action and gaining a conversion on your end. Using promotions like Limited Time Offer or Free Shipping will make it more enticing for people to act immediately.

Adjust It to Boost Your SEO Rankings

It would be a waste if you and your team put effort into making unique and great content if it didn’t show up on the search engine’s results page because its ranking was low. Use platforms such as Google Keyword Planner or SEMrushto help identify which keywords to use so your brand is more likely to get listed in the search engine results. To ensure your success, you could enlist the services of a web design company.

In order to improve your rankings, pay attention to audience, keyword, and topic research. Produce long-form blog posts that are on topics with many facets and angles. Make sure your content’s keyword density is natural and organic, avoid stuffing it with keywords just so you can show up on the search engines. Improve your page’s speed, and make sure it has well-designed, high-quality visuals so that people keep coming back for more.

Keep An Organized Schedule

Because your business is new, it is important to keep a calendar of when you will publish your content across different platforms. Making an organized schedule will help you and your team keep track of the marketing ideas to be produced and when it should be going out. Digitalize this activity using platforms like ProofHub, Trust My Paper, and Evernote.


Content marketing can be simplified as putting you and your brand out there for everyone to see. Generating media that will keep your audience interested and willing to make conversions will be possible if you keep these tips in mind whenever you create a new marketing campaign.

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