Launching a new business or accomplishing a new project requires money. If you don’t have the funds, there are currently many ways to raise the money you need, and this includes crowdfunding.

Running a crowdfunding campaign is similar to the approach used in asking for donations, which tries to appeal to the community for financial support. When successful, this not only lets you raise the money you need but helps you create an audience and seek validation.

Just like any other campaign, crowdfunding can be challenging. It involves capital raising, market research, specific crowdfunding protocols, market strategies, and marketing.

With the tough competition, making your campaign stand out is a must. Here are some marketing tips you can follow to run a successful crowdfunding campaign:

Work with influencers

Influencers do more than just promote your products or services on their social media accounts. Working with them means they become the face of your brand. They conceptualize and shoot content relevant to your business. By exposing your company to their expansive audience, you can expand your reach, build awareness, and enhance your campaign’s credibility.

Consider using influencer marketing to your advantage. Start by looking for people with large social media followings who are passionate about creating content and have values aligned with your campaign. Ask them to try out or review your product or create content for you.

Choose your platform wisely

Boost your reach and appeal to various audiences by using a platform for your campaign. You can choose from Crowdreach, Funded Today, Enventys, Launchboom, Backercamp, and Partners.

Go live

Set up social media pages for your crowdfunding campaign to establish your online presence. Use the live video feature of your campaign prototype during the crowdfunding stage to maximize your reach. For a more interactive experience, you can partner with other businesses or organizations and use Instagram’s “Going live with someone” feature.

If you’re wondering how to promote a crowdfunding campaign using the live video feature, feel free to ask us for assistance. While we offer web design services in Miami, we do much more as a full-service digital marketing agency!

Hiring us means you receive more than just marketing services; you get a marketing team that will work with you throughout your campaign. We specialize in digital marketing, web development, and media buying, and we provide you with a holistic online marketing approach to ensure your campaign’s success.

Offer discounts or host giveaways and contests

Your early-bird backers deserve a treat for supporting your crowdfunding campaign. To make them feel special and appreciated, offer discounts or host contests and giveaways. This way, they can also be encouraged to share your campaign with others and help you reach a wider audience.


To sum it all up, using the right marketing strategies such as those mentioned above can take your campaign to the next level. To learn more about how to market a crowdfunding campaign more effectively, don’t hesitate to hire marketing professionals like us.

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